Monday, August 31, 2009

Etsy Monday! Issue #4

Welcome to yet another edition of your Etsy Monday!

Artisans who are dedicated to their craft show it in their work.  Whether it's through natural talent or years of training, there is always the original spark that speaks to us, that drives us to create.  Regardless of the outcome, our dedication to what we enjoy creating speaks through what we make, which what makes handcrafted and original pieces, like these three artists below, treasured above all other possessions.  Something that's meant for you, something only you have in the world.

Please give a warm welcome to this week's artists!
Jennifer Hallsey is the mastermind behind Lee Ohio Designs, where she handcrafts each of her beautiful luxe collection of jewelry in her Gulf Coast studio with only the finest stones I think I've ever seen used in handmade accessories.  In her pieces, she succeeds at "playing with the juxtaposition of dramatic color and exquisite texture."  Jennifer was born and raised in Maine, where she draws a lot of her influence from in her 'earthy' and 'humble' designs.  She has attended and graduated from such prestigious post-secondary institutions such as Georgia's Savannah College of Art and Design, Ecole des Artes in Lacoste, France, and College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbour, Maine.  She has studied in the fields of art history and paint and has received her Master's in Philosophy.  On top of all that, she has made some of the most beautiful jewelry I've ever seen.  Jennifer's Etsy shop showcases her 'Petite Luxe' line, while her website features her heirloom and seasonal collections.

Other shop news:  Jennifer's company supports ASPCA, an organization dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals with monthly donations from their sales!  Didn't I say that we artisans are charitable?

Latest tweet:  @LeeOhioDesigns Off to apply for the Peter Anderson Festival. It is in November, right here in Ocean Springs. Then to the grocery store & dry cleaners.

L'Arc-en-Ciel - Rainbow bracelet,

Delfinia - Sunset Flower earrings,

Fonteyne - Violet Charm necklace,

Dabert earrings,

Taupe necklace,

Dabert bracelet,
I've been keeping an eye on this shop for a while.  This shop is home to the most fantastic vintage reproductions this side of a time machine!  True to the shop name, these reproductions are masterfully measured to specifications to the true styles of days-gone-by, where some of us ladies wish we could just have an excuse to dress up in our pearls and stroll the city streets snacking on croissants.  With seasoned couturiers on staff, each article is made and measured with the highest of standards, most items being fully lined.  Like to step into your favourite Hepburn and Kelly movies?  Give this shop a visit!

Reversible Rockabilly swing dress,

Checks and Dots dress,

Ravishing Floral 1950s dress,

Breakfast at Tiffany's 1960s silk party dress, 

Dots and Stripes swing dress,

Irina Souiki is from right here in my neck of the woods - Brampton, Ontario!  She's a software developer with a sharp eye and passion for photography.  She is also the founder of Picture the Cure, an organization who's mission is to "raise the awareness, bring dedicated people together and honour cancer survivors and victims," putting 100% of their proceeds towards cancer-related initiatives and charities.  Irina's initiative to bring artists together for a bold cause is something that has always been in the artisan spirit.  She has posted her most popular prints on her Etsy shop, with a number of different sizes available.  Some of her photographs are of quite familiar images, if you're from around Brampton, that is, but all do evoke mysterious messages with pops of unexpected colour and intrigue.  A great example of photography art.

Welcome to the Machine,


It's a real "pay-it-forward" feeling when you buy from a handmade artisan.  Not only are you supporting a someone who's dedicated to their craft, you are also offering a unique gift of individuality, a great way to show loved ones just how special you think they are.

Support handmade!  Please come visit my Etsy shop at and find something just for you!

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Jennifer said...

Such a thoughtfully written post. I'm so honored to have my work alongside these other amazing Etsy artists. I've found some new items to 'heart'! Many, many thanks Cassandra!

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