Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Got A Part in BMT's 'Guys & Dolls'!

Oh, I've been away for a little while, I'm terribly sorry.  I've been updating my performance art blog, The Pursuit, with a whole bunch of nutty rehearsal debauchery.  I'm happy to say that I'm carrying a 'family tradition' of sorts and got a part in the ensemble cast of Brampton Music Theatre's Guys & Dolls, and have been recording rehearsals for posterity and memory's sake.

I also thought I'd have a little fun and make some 'fan art'.  Whaddaya think?

Print design is like a grown-up colouring book for me.  I slaved over this thing in ridiculous detail; the specific angle of the fedora, making sure the yellow wasn't too bright, and I went through a billion fonts (sorry, over exaggerating) for Lady Luck's signoff.  I love it.  I may print a few of these off on nice paper, laminate them and give them out as bookmarks to castmates as souveniers.

Well, I guess the work paid off!  I had been asked by the producer during our last rehearsal if I could design the program for the show.  I am incredibly excited.  This will be loads of fun.  I'll be posting a few sneak peeks here of some stuff I come up with for your perusal!

In the meantime, feel free to check out The Pursuit and follow the blog to keep updated with the G&D rehearsal process and where to get tickets!

Friday, January 20, 2012

'The ants have invaded': is Closing April 19

Yep, a little maddening and upsetting, it was my secret weapon for all this time.  I created just about every single graphic on this and other blogs, made my jewelry photos and collages gorgeous, and now it'll be gone as of April., one of the greatest and easiest photo editing tools this side of Microsoft Paint, will be closing its site on April 19, 2012.  It seems that Google+ has requisitioned them in some way, yet I still don't seem to understand if and how they'll be available. 

So, I guess I gotta stop being lazy and learn PhotoShop.

In the meantime, I invite you to take advantage of their premium packages they're offering for free - I know I'll be ravaging the site for what it's worth.  I've been working on an online portfolio of my latest jewelry creations and will be using all these features locked out to me before as a free user. :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

How to make mini pom-poms!

I came across something on Facebook from Vogue Knitting that I've got to try.  It looks pretty simple, too!

Now I've got to find something to cover in pom-poms ... I'll be back ...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Valentine's Special!

Thinking early about Valentine's Day?  Me, too!  I'll be opening my workshop/apartment to appointments and private parties and serving light refreshments for anyone who'd like to come by for a little shopping party!

Don't forget - mention where you saw the necklace above and receive a free gift when you arrive!  Leave a comment below or message me on Facebook for your appointment!

The Pantone Colour of 2012: Tangerine Tango

Keep an eye on this colour palate; it will dominate fashion runways and couture in some interesting mixes and interpretations.  Pantone Inc., the 'authority in colour', has released the Spring 2012 Fashion Colour Report, and has also announced the dominating hue that has been named the Colour of 2012 - Tangerine Tango.

Das righ', we'll break it down and say 'sunshine orange' for those who may not be the biggest fan of including the colour in your personal wardrobe.  It's a fine line between statement and pumpkin, yeah?  It's a happy colour, and I've so far personally identified it with a 'happy feeling', watching Beyonce walk the 2011 VMA red carpet in a one-shoulder Lanvin 'tangerine dream' as she featured a pronounced baby bump.  (I was dancing in my seat when it happened - I love the woman!) 

But we ain't B, are we?  *wink*  It is a bold colour, but you can't help but smile at it when you see it.  It's a colour I see myself wearing (whether the skin tone can handle it is another issue to deal with), but not head-to-toe - I'd rather not subject people to staring into a tangerine abyss and cause migraines.  An accent or the right piece can always make a difference, or even softening the intensity of the hue, depending on the piece.  The colour itself is dramatic with a strong red base, but gives a "friendly glow" with its heavy orange undertones, almost giving way to a yellow aura of warmth.  It'll be a colour that just might make your day a little better.

Check out a few different ideas Tangerine Tango can dance its way into your wardrobe, combined with other elements from the Spring 2012 Colour Palate!

:: cutout dress, Rachel Roy :: bib necklace, Lizzie Fortunato ::
:: shirtdress, Nordstrom :: necklace pendant, no artist listed (let me know if this is you!) ::
:: tote, Diane von Fuerstenburg :: ring, Alkemie + Nautilus ::
:: trench coat, Moncler :: ballet flats, Michael Kors ::

:: tangerine briollette necklace, no artist listed (let me know if this is you!) :: dress, Amanda Archer ::
:: dress, Peplum :: necklace, Amrita Singh ::
:: earrings, Not One Sparrow :: ring, Lola Rose ::
:: clutch, ASOS :: platform heels, TopShop ::

Aaaaaand, and few more outfit ideas I may borrow from in the future ...

:: D-Squared :: Kate Spade :: Marc by Marc Jacobs ::

I'll be rummaging through my stash for some inspiration and see how I can blend a little brightness into my wardrobe for this upcoming season.

What's your take on the colour palate?  What colour combinations draw your eye the most?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Catchup from the Holidays ...

Hi everybody!  It's been a while ...

Since the new job, I hadn't been making too much jewelry as of late, which has really been taking its toll on me recently.  It's all been a focus of clearing out stuff I'm not using, being more organized with my supplies and setting up a workspace that can be packed away a little more easily.  I have lofty ideas, but they're attainable.  I have come a little ways since my last purge; sometimes it takes more than one!

My flakiness might also be an affect of the closing of my Etsy shop.  I will say that I've learned quite a bit from my Etsy experience that I can take to further pursuits.  I may open up shop again!  All in due time ...

My recent posts may have given you a bit of a toothache; my modest kitchen turned into a badass cookie machine over the holidays, as I had opted to bake some delicious treats for family and friends.  As much as I didn't want to see another cookie between Christmas and New Years, I've got loads of ideas for Valentines Day ... as well as branching out on some other nifty baking ventures.

And with all that cookie karma that I gave out, Nick and I got something really nifty this year.  My Dad and stepmum had made us a set of stackable wood 'book cubes' made from knotty pine.  We've got a rather large book collection, and it was nice to see it from stacks on the floor to a unique bookcase that is easily moveable if we move or decide to change things around.  We made even add to it with our own cubes, if we're feeling ambitious!  Thank you, thank you, Dad and M - they're beautiful!

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