Thursday, September 30, 2010

High Fashion Thursday, Issue #7: Taylor Swift at Milan Fashion Week

A little guilty pleasure of mine is strolling the weekly 'best and worst dressed' lists.  Knowing that most of these looks are put together by professional stylists, they have a great talent for dressing their clients in ensembles that accentuate their personality.  Well ... the good ones, at least.

So, for our High Fashion Thursday issues, I'd like to pick out my favourite look of the week and throw together a few surprises from our friends at Etsy!  My favourite look this week comes from a young lady that's been receiving a lot of press this week for her music, Taylor Swift! 

Taylor Swift attends Robert Cavalli during Milan Fashion Week

The romance of her attire at the Robert Cavalli Womenswear Show during the Milan Fashion Week will be sought after by teenage queens and young professionals everywhere.  In a subdued romantic ivory top, ruffled charcoal tiered skirt, patterned tights and knee-high lace-up boots, all she's missing for a stroll through the autumn leaves is a comfy coat or wrap and someone to hold her close!  Check out the Treasury on Etsy for handmade options reminiscing on Taylor's 'ethereal autumn' look!

 Stay tuned next Thursday for more finds!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Etsy Monday! Issue #6: Rock On!

Welcome to another long-awaited issue of Etsy Monday!

Today, we welcome three artists who pay tribute to an iconic instrument of the ages - the guitar!  From the folksy strumming of Peter, Paul and Mary to the heavy riffs of Black Sabbath, it's as versatile an instrument that any other.  Everyone has a little rock star inside them - why not with a little help from these fine folks?
A great little shop full of ingenious surprises - with guitar strings!  Ashley from Oregon enjoys making music as much as she loves making her jewelry, stemming from days as a child in her mother's craft store.  She hopes her jewelry will help you express your love of jewelry to the world!  Follow Ashley on Twitter as @PluckingPendant for more surprises!

Nylon Guitar String Dangle earrings

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Etsy Treasury: Autumn Whisper

The warm tones of the season reflect the coziness of big knit sweaters and million-wrap shawls and scarves in nutmeg, sage and camel, and the serenity of jewel tones in amethyst and citrine.  These Autumn Whispers will bring you right into the ease of the season!


Etsy Treasury: He's The One That Got Away

While yearning for the romance of younger years, we learn to love those experiences and nurture them into lessons of love and compassion, finding peace and tranquility no matter where that road leads us.  I had made this Treasury with a gothic romantic aura, appropriate to the upcoming lore of Halloween.  Come visit here and leave a comment!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Reflection On Artistic Voice

Please pardon the absence, my good friends, I had been spending a quite a bit of the summer both spending time with family and keeping my mind busy with creative nuances.  In the ever-constant discoveries of finding new things to learn, I started to wonder - will I always stray, or will I find a permanent niche?

Well, we can answer that question in a generality - I enjoy transforming interesting - recycled, broken, found, claimed, vintage, etc. - items into wearable accessories and art.  They create an aura of nostalgia, reminiscence, eclectic romance and quirkiness - as well as being an eco-friendly movement in accessories.  There's something that happens when I find something - anything - that I can pull apart and preserve into a piece that someone could carry with them for as long as they like.  It's also a way to revisit and reimagine some of the jewelry pieces you just can't bring yourself to let go of, but you just can't bring yourself to wearing them for some reason.

And it doesn't stop there!  I found myself buying toys, pulling apart musical instruments, scouring thrift shops for jewelry I could snip and cut to remake into something new.  The idea to 'remake', to repurpose something to give it a new history not only is the ultimate 'recycling' movement, but it carries on a legacy that the piece had in it previous life.  It's said in Chinese legend that the precious stone jade captures the essence of the wearer's soul and keeps it forever; saying that, giving jade as a gift was considered to be an incredibly personal gift.  To me, repurposing a piece of jewelry into an entirely new creation serves the same purpose.  Everything I've ever created with my own hands has a piece of my soul inside it, because that's where creative nuances are kept.

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