Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let Be Your Valentine!

Did you like the beads that I've used in my Swarovski and Silver and Glass projects?  Excited to see what can offer your designs?  Take advantage of the Sweetheart Sale, saving 15% off orders $60 or more storewide!  Don't delay - the sale ends at 9 am (PST) on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010.

I know that if I had the 'disposable' income, I would certainly spoil myself with these beautiful finds on sale:

Glass and Silver From!

It's time to show off some of the goodies has to offer!  I've been invited to work with a selection of their Silver and Glass products, and I've got some fantastic things to show you!

The Swarovski project yielded 6 pieces from my selection, and I had certainly outdone myself - with 11!!  The selection of glass beads and Bali, Hill Tribe, and sterling silver beads has to offer come in a myriad of colours, shapes, cuts and finishes for a real unique design experience.  I've got a few new beads of my own and a few recycled pieces of jewelry to use with these fantastic beads!

Wow, there's just too much to show you - let's get started!

Skeleton Key necklace

Skeletons in your closet much?  This necklace is one of my favourites!

These skull beads, carved out of bone (ironically!) are one of my favourites in my stash, and were a great element in this necklace.  These avocado green glass beads with a 'Picasso' finish add the perfect detail to the rugged skulls.  The green star pendant was from a pair of recycled earrings, and the vintage key came from an Etsy purchase from  A great fit!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Lookit! New Beads!

Being swayed by new visions of cleverness, I hit some of the shops on Etsy that provided nothing but the most gorgeous beads and findings - and nothing short of!  Check out these fantastic beads from these fantastic sellers!

Snow White Czech glass flowers,

Czech glass in rose,

green Czech pressed glass beads,

vintage feather charms,

vintage plastic filigree beads,

ruffled grey rose cabochons,

ruffled jet black rose cabochons,

antique brass adjustable rings,

antique brass scarab pendant,

vintage warrior cabochon,

vintage German lucite conch shells,

Amber Floral Pandora lampwork bead,

Just you wait and see what I do with these!  I've got upcoming project ideas for the next sponsored project, as well as some new items to go up in my Etsy shop!  You'll get the first look right here, real soon!

Photographs courtesy of mentioned shops.

A Very Etsy Christmas: Supporting Handmade for the Holidays

Spoiling myself a little bit over the holidays, I took to Etsy for some of my holiday shopping ... while finding some gifts for myself!

The Hootie Owl necklace and Olivine Green candle holder both came from  I had my eye on this necklace for a while, and the candle holder was a present from 'Santa' to my boyfriend, Nick - who loves candles, seemingly.

This awesome tote came from my friend Tracy at, and was a gift to my sister-in-law.  She surprised me with a small matching change purse inside!  (The postcard had a message from Tracy, and it's of an Andy Warhol painting of a Corvette, that I still have on my fridge!  It's awesome!)

Visit their shops to find more awesome stuff!

Photos provided by their respective Etsy shops.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordless Wednesday, Issue #8: Piccolo the Cat


Piccolo, our very first pet in our new apartment, minding her own business while I was getting ready this morning.

Photography credit: Cassandra Watsham 

"Hey, Do You Have Any More Of Those Reindeer Antlers?": A Handmade Christmas, 2009

The benefit of a handmade Christmas is the money you save; that's the first thought that may come to your mind.  I'll be honest, that's the first thought that came to mine.  Since Nick and I moved out on our own, we knew we were working on a far stricter budget than we anticipated.  Fresh-baked cookies in a dollar-store Christmas tin may be cost-thrifty, but don't doubt that you'll be the hit of every Christmas party and family gathering - we certainly were!  Nick and I spent some quality time together in the kitchen making some Christmas treats, starting a tradition I hope we can keep up for next Christmas!

These cookies were a mainstay around the apartment during Christmas.  There was always a fresh batch made every few days, either baking for friends or family.  To be honest, probably half of each batch made ended up in our tummies.  This is your standard choco-chip cookie recipe, replacing chocolate chips with red and green M&M's and adding a quarter-cup of cocoa powder for extra chocolateyness.  (It's a word now!)

Where To Start When Playing Catch-Up ...

Oh my goodness, I couldn't believe how long it had been since I'd posted anything here, and I have so much to tell you all!

We last left with the news that Nick and I have moved into our own humble abode, unpacking slowly but surely.  The 'moving' part is almost over - we still have some things in storage we need to pull out - and the exciting part - well, for me - is beginning: organizing!

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