Monday, May 31, 2010

Etsy Treasury: Green Goes With Everything by Laurence Collection

Thanks be to for featuring the Urban Flowers earrings in her beautifully curated Treasury, 'Green Goes With Everything!'  Check out the Treasury on Etsy and leave some comment love for some new favourites!


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Etsy Treasury: Young At Heart

Kids have the coolest toys, especially the ones I see on Etsy.  With the time and consideration put behind these handmade fun finds, they're safe for your kids and the talk of the sandbox!  Come check out the Treasury on Etsy and give some comment love to the toys that keep you 'young at heart'!


Summer Fashion With!

Summer is quickly coming - it's time to pull out the sundresses and tanktops!  And what to accessorize with those?  Why not create your own jewels with!

Finding my niche in repurposing jewelry, I thought I would also give a hand in making this collection about finding new life in these pieces I've had for so long.  I was fortunate to squeeze out nine - yes, nine - pieces to make a few mini-collections for this month's glorious challenge.  I'm really happy with the results, especially in how the incorporated elements of these beautiful beads worked with the vintage inclusions.  Look out on my Etsy shop - these pieces may be soon available for sale!

Bohemian Nautical necklace

The base of this necklace was originally of a vintage necklace of a long strand of these cream-coloured beads in different shapes and sizes with the silver rings.  I had picked this find up a few years ago in an estate vintage shop in downtown Toronto, and found myself not wearing it recently.  Why not give it a new look?  (So excited about the idea that struck me, I started working on it right away and  didn't think to take a 'before' and 'after' picture for this project.  I should really relax, I get so excited at times!)  These brown resin rings are incredibly lightweight, and strong enough to use as a link for this long necklace, and the limited edition Wasabi Picasso Nautilus Shell Coin Beads (unfortunately, no longer available, but check out the 'Limited Edition' section for something to make your piece truly unique!) are absolutely stunning with swirls of sea colours and highlights of turquoise in pleasant, unexpected places.  Also in the mix, stamped coins from a vintage souvenier bracelet from the beautiful coasts of San Marino - a purchase from!

And to complete the set - two pairs of earrings and a bracelet to match!  Check 'em out!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Creative Freedom With A Custom Order!

I've had the most fortunate opportunity to design and create jewelry for a very classy and fashionable lady, Janace King-Watson.  She had admitted to me that she knows what she likes, but doesn't have the 'talent' to put it together.  She's offered me a challenge and presented me with some beautiful beads to create some pieces for her!

Etsy Treasury: Guitar

Everyone wants to be a rock star.  Thousands of people in a stadium filled with lights and smoke, chanting your name and singing along to your songs - and you can do it!  It all starts with guitar lessons, trust me.  Here's a Treasury for everything you need to get you started - or to keep you on the road!  Come visit the Treasury on Etsy and give some comment love!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Etsy Treasury: Saxophone

Who doesn't love a good riff on a sax?  Jazz lovers to classic rock n' roll, you'll find a groovin' sax solo everywhere.  Here's a Treasury dedicated to those who like to got some 'saxuality'!  Come visit the Treasury on Etsy and give some comment love!


Etsy Treasury: LOST: Questions Left Unanswered

The Lost series finale wrapped up the end of television history, being one of the most influential dramas that has touched the mainstream culture like never before.  And, in true Lost fashion, the finale itself raised many more questions itself, not only about the show's mythology, but about the human spirit.  I've pulled together a Treasury full of images that reminisce on the show's poignant moments and memorable events.  Enjoy, and don't forget to visit the Treasury on Etsy and leave some comment love!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Because Naked Tin Cans Are Just Indecent ...

A wonderful thing about being a repurposing DIYer is the handy stuff around the home that can be transformed into some pretty cool stuff.  All you need is imagination!  Of course, the flipside of that problem is the potential hording it can cause.  Yikes.  Well, I've been hanging onto these empty soup cans for a little while, I think it's about time I start this project I've had in mind - decoupage soup tins!

These handy - and uniquely decorated - items can serve many purposes on their own.  I keep various containers of miscellaneous items that are too random to be sorted with regular bead supplies and whatnot, as well as holders for paintbrushes, rulers, pens, pencils, Sharpies, pliers and other tools I need within an arms reach.  Another idea I've had would be candle holders - drilling holes in patterns with either a small votive or a tea light inside.  I'd like to make them for our balcony when the renovations are finished for our apartment building.  Armed with lots of paper ephemera, and with the help of my friendly neighbour, Dejah, we've done some pretty awesome work!

I had made a 'book safe' from a hardcover vintage textbook about the history of Nevada for Nick, and used the cutout pages to decoupage these two cans.  One features text with a 1864 map of the State of Nevada, the other features various images from the history of this great state.  I've started to brush a gloss over the cans, but I think it'll need another coat.

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Little Etsy Splurge ...

I've been a little 'mouse-button' happy and made some fantastic purchases on Etsy lately.  Show n' tell, everyone!

Repurposed Wood Domino Pendant from   Finding the tweet that led me to her sale section, I came across this cute pendant for a mere $10.  Not only did this necklace in record time, but I also received a second necklace and a 'seed tag' to plant and grow catnip!  How thoughtful!  My two princesses will surely be appreciative of that!

Balsam Bayou Salt Bar Soap and Irish Tweed Soap from  I had bought these to add to something I had already purchased for Nick's birthday.  I've actually started using the Balsam Bayou Salt Bar Soap, and it smells like my favourite incense in the shower!

Jewelry Supply Destash from  This was an awesome find.  I had found a bracelet exactly the same as this at a local thrift store a while ago.  It was a souvenier bracelet from Paris, with embossed stamps of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Louvre.  This bracelet is a souvenier bracelet from the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, a hidden landlocked enclave situated in the Apennine Mountains, completely surrounded by Italy.  The images are of San Marino's famed Three Towers and their coat of arms on the other side.  I am ecstatic to take this bracelet apart and make something anew!  The brooch has incredible potential, and I've already got a project lined up for the locket!

Ethnic Charms and Medallions from  I love being influenced by worldly cultures and symbols, and found these ethnic charms depicting various images of Buddha and symbols associated with him.  I hope to take these to a friend who would be able to give me an idea of their specific meaning.

Look forward to some cool stuff made with these fun finds!
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