Monday, June 27, 2011

UPDATE: Canada Post on Strike ... No Longer?

From where I'm standing in all this, a happy Canuck this does not make me.

Unfortunately, Canada Post has decided to change their 'rolling strike' schedule into a full lockout nationwide, meaning that there is absolutely no mail being received or delivered in Canada, save necessary social assistance cheques and the like.  That leaves me between a rock and a hard place, and I'll be temporarily suspending deliveries for the time being from my Etsy shopBoooooooooooooo.

I'm a one-woman machine when it comes to my tiny little corner of the vast interweb universe.  I create jewelry for a labour of love and that extra spike in the grocery money.  I love the stuff that I make, and have a hard time letting it go when it comes to listing it for sale.  I appreciate every single person that views my shop, every single dollar that's sent my way, every single piece of feedback I receive.  It's what helps an artist understand her work better and improve herself.  It's a tiny, but noble, operation.  It's unfortunate that an important part of my operation to help my little business possibly expand has been temporarily cut off.  I'm researching affordable courier options with the hopes of continuing "business as usual."

In the meantime, if you've got your eye on something in the shop but are deterred by this strike and the wait, may I offer something to help sweeten the deal - enter discount code POSTALSTRIKE at checkout and save 30% on your purchase* in my Etsy shop, because you're awesome for patiently waiting.  (*This discount can't be used in combination with other promotions available in the shop.)

The federal government is trying to pass a bill to get Canada Post back up and running for the economy's sake, so hopefully this won't last too long.  I'll keep you updated!

In the meantime, if you have recommendations for an affordable courier service you've had a great experience with, I'd love to know! :)

UPDATE, June 27:  After a 58-hour 'filibuster' in the House of Commons, Canadian government passed legislation ordering Canada Post back to work, days before Parliament was scheduled to close for a week for summer holidays.  Canada Post isn't happy about the outcome, with lowered wages and other benefits shortened, and the NDP were adamant about stalling the bill to fight for the union.  They promise that they will not take out their bitterness on the citizens, but they weren't happy about the situation in the first place when they found themselves locked out.  They were even less happy about it when the government intervened on union issues.  I think this may be one of the only times I may agree with our Conservative government in regards to Bill 53-26.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been lost in revenue in our country while the lockout took place from small businesses who depend on Canada Post to get their product internationally, especially those like most of you reading this.  The debates about the necessity of the postal service due to the lack of carrier mail - blaming email for this - seem to be asking the wrong people.  Every time I go to the post office I am standing in a rather long lineup, no matter what time of day or what day of week I'm there.  I'm very disappointed in the NDP, as well, claiming to be a 'party for the people' while those who depend on this service to help run their own businesses suffered tremendous losses, some who may never recover.  I'm lucky that my Etsy shop is not counted as my primary income. 

So, here's what they're saying: the letter-sorting from the backlog should resume on Monday, with deliveries to begin Tuesday.  Some of your packages might be in this melee, I might be able to find that out once post offices are open again on Tuesday.  July 1st is Canada Day, a national holiday for banks and post offices and all that government jazz - the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will in Ottawa! - so I may hold off packages yet to be delivered until the Monday following.  In the meantime, take advantage of the 30% discount with the promo code POSTALSTRIKE for your patience - the details are above!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"What's Old is New Again" With!

You see, it's projects like these that make me think and I share a brain.  Our latest assignment is to transform vintage jewelry and components into modern works of wearable art - that's one of my favouritest things to do!  I love to visit local thrift stores and pick up jewelry with interesting character and butcher it apart when I get home, transforming something someone got tired of into a new favourite.  Not everything I end up snagging at these stores are 'vintage' and 'antique' by definition, but they tend to carry a worldly or rustic attribute that attracts me.  Not only are you being 'thrifty' in fashion, you're buying something with a history, as supposed to just getting onto the racks from the factories.  It was owned and loved by someone who had great memories attached to this piece, whose family photo albums probably have a few images of that particular piece you just bought at your local thrift store.  Now, you'll carry on those happy memories into your own, however you reshape them.  Why not reshape the piece?

So, I went rummaging through a few places to come up with everything that I had 'antique'.  Even after taking these photos I managed to find even more stashes of vintage and repurposed components that were making me giddy.  It was getting to a point of madness where I couldn't focus - and decided on a select few that I would focus on.  I even tried to map them together in a way, and I was pretty close to sticking to it ... well, kind of.  I really enjoy the eclectic madness of steampunk fashion, blending industrial and organic elements together with a "storybook" mystique.  These pieces are what I'd call "rusted romance", with telling stories unique to each wearer.  Here's a list of repurposed and vintage components you'll see in these pieces:
  • Mixed metal links in gold-, silver- and red copper-plated finishes with riveted detail from a thrifted pair of earrings.
  • Vintage beads with a iridescent gold finish, thrifted from a gifted necklace, circa 1970s.
  • Vintage gold Love pendant, gifted by a family member, circa 1980s.
  • Components from a vintage bracelet (of the costume jewelry variety), featuring a blue and white striped glass cabochon set in a silver-plated pewter frame.
  • Repurposed sew-on appliques of 'metal' plates from a vintage tunic blouse, circa 1980s.
  • Gold-plated authentic vintage Chanel charm, the last of the 'garage sale stash'.
  • A few vintage and antique earrings that had lost their mates (some only had components 'borrowed' from them).
  • A few of my favourite vintage charms and pendants from my personal collection.
Let's take a look!
    click photos to enlarge

    Thursday, June 9, 2011

    BOGO Sale at Design by Cassandra on Etsy!

    Who doesn't love a good sale, especially now that you have all that room from spring cleaning? :)

    I've got a fantastic section full of clearance stuff, nothing more than $20, and here's the best part - you get something else outta that section for free at equal or lesser value!  Come check out the section and help me clear some space for more new designs - and looking stylish in the process!

    See something you like at regular price?  You can save 15% until the end of June with this promotion code!

    Happy shopping!

    Wednesday, June 8, 2011

    Etsy Treasury: Sophisticated by exenia

    Thank you to the lovely exenia for featuring the Marina/Zen necklace, no. 4 in this beautiful Treasury!

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    B O G O / S A L E - Marina/Z...

    the ether twins - ever preci...


    Amber, Turquoise Magnesite a...

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    Dark Gold Velvet Fabric

    Lemons, Mushrooms, and Bok C...

    Etsy Treasury: Just Keep Swimming by koothoot

    Thanks to koothoot for including the Bondi Beach necklace in this lovely Treasury!

    calico goldfish orginal pain...

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    SEAHORSE Art - Giclee Fine...

    SALE 15%. The Original 5in ...

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    Underwater Nebula

    Vintage 1950s Lemon Chiffon ...

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    Marine Green Brass Octopus

    surfboard in LBI 8x12

    Angler earrings. Fun vintage...

    Mako shark tooth charm, pend...

    B O G O / S A L E - Bondi Be...

    Blue Goggles

    Bomboro Tote

    Saturday, June 4, 2011

    Fun Links!

    Although I haven't been blogging as of much lately, I have been keeping up on interesting stuff on the internet.  Some of these I may follow up on, some of these are just awesome to share.  I find lots of this stuff, so I may do this more than once ... Enjoy!
    Stay tuned for more fun stuff to share!

    Etsy Treasury: Hmmm, Wonder If Anyone Is Having A Sale This Weekend ... by I Did It Myself

    Thank you to I Did It Myself Party Printables for promoting the SHOUT! Sale in this clever Treasury!  The SHOUT! discount code will expire at the end of June, so don't delay!  Visit my shop to find out more, and visit these other shops to take advantage of their offers!

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    Have Fabric Prices Reduced


    BOGO Sale
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