Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stealing My Boyfriend's Toys ...

I'm as guilty as any other girlfriend who might do some 'safe snooping', so to speak.  Nick has a 'junk drawer' in the studio full of stuff he's collected over the years, from antique hunting knives from his grandfather to shells and stones from a childhood trip to Guatemala.  Going through this drawer of his treasures, I happened upon a very cool collection of miniature army trucks and tanks, rubber weapons of war and tiny cast iron painted soldiers.  I couldn't help but covet these, and the good girlfriend I am, asked him if he would be grateful to donate some of these toys to my cause.  These are some of his favourite childhood toys, he's told me, a lot of them are vintage from his grandfather's childhood.  For his donation, this is the Alexander Collection, after his middle name.

I didn't want these pieces to fall under the 'military fad' style, instead I wanted to make a statement with these pieces.  I've matched these army toys with various symbols of faith and goodwill that can be interpreted by the wearer and viewer in many different ways.  My interpretation and intention when I made these pieces was that with faith in ourselves and each other, we can conquer the most difficult challenges without conflict.  Let's take a look!

Monday, April 19, 2010

A 'Green' Idea: Reused Fabric Necklaces

With Earth Day coming up, I thought I'd focus on a few crafty ideas from recycled and reused materials.  First up - fabrics!

I have lots of really cool t-shirts that are way too big for me, lots of denim from previously loved jeans, vintage fabrics, patterned bedsheets and pillowcases, and much, much more I most likely can't think of.  Fabric can be unconventional to use in jewelry and is really inspirational once you start to manipulate it for your own design.  I started off relatively simple with some complicated patterns on vintage fabrics, and turned up the drama with classic denim.  Let's take a look!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lookit What I Sold!

Well, aren't you folks just so good to me?  The last few weeks have seen some busy days for my little wee corner of the Etsyverse!  I've had some friendly faces return to purchase their favourites and some new friendly folks - even all the way in Macedonia!  Take a look!

 The Geometry earrings, no. 2 are off to Heather in Austin, Texas!

The Monkey See, Monkey Do necklace was listed and sold in two days!  It's now in Adrianne's happy hands in Stockton, California!  Good eye, my friend!

 The Sunshine earrings, no. 2 went to Jena in Golden Valley, Minnesota as a gift to a baby shower hostess!  An excellent choice, I must say!

 The Veritas bracelet, no. 1 has made its way to Ashley in Mullica Hill, New Jersey!

 A recent creation, the Mr. Spring Frog necklace will have a wonderful travel to Macedonia!  I do hope Kostoula will enjoy it - and the surprise matching earrings!

A fantastic project - because two heads are better than one! - Anne and I had a lot of fun thinking up a set of custom matching earrings for the Coconut bracelet, no. 1.  By now, I'd imagine its reached its final destination in Martinez, California!

And, as of today, the Chariot bracelet from the Tarot Collection is officially sold!  Barbara from Murrysville, Pennsylvania, a friendly face at the shop, has snagged something she's been eyeing for quite some time!

I always like to include surprise gifts and decorative gift wrap.  I'm always complimented on my gift bows, something to consider for a tutorial of sorts!  Adding these surprises is always important for me.  Because you're not walking into a store front, I'd like to bring a taste of that 'store front' to you.  Well, really, I don't have a store front, but I'd like one someday.  The next purchase you make from me may contain a little something extra to make your day even brighter!  Visit the shop today at!

Photography credit: Cassandra Watsham

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Long Overdue Giveaway Winner Announcement!

Oh gawsh, I don't know where to begin to apologize, really.  Life had caught up with me ... and so did Etsy!  My awesome job at Long & McQuade Musical Instruments has been getting more busy and I've been slaving away at making some new pieces - with more on the way!  What's more - I've been selling like crazy on my Etsy shop!  If you've got a favourite piece in there - grab it now, or it may be on it's way to Greece, like the Mr. Spring Frog necklace!  Wow!  How exotic!

You've been telling your friends about me, haven't you?  :)  A great big thank you to all!  I'm very excited about sharing this stuff with the world - there wouldn't be any other reason to make it!

And on that note, I have to make a humungous apology to those who had entered the 600 Twitter Followers Giveaway to win this beautiful, one-of-a-kind repurposed bangle necklace from my own personal collection, and had waited for so long, anticipating possible victory.  Well, I've finally the time to sit down and make this proper, so here we go!

Here's all your names, with their appropriate point entries, into a large soup can (which will be used in a future project I'm very excited about!)

My hand is now in the can (!) and I've selected a piece of paper ...

And the winner is ... Cathy H!

And Cathy had some really great odds!  Good for you - karma is on your side, my friend! 

A big thank you to everyone who entered for your patience and wonderfulness you bring to all those around you!  Stay tuned to your inbox - 'cause we're all winners in this game!

Congrats, Cathy!  A lots of hugs and kisses to you all!
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