Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm about to make a glowing recommendation, but I'm not responsible for the addictions you face.

Over the past few days, I've discovered the 'mood board glory' that is Pinterest, after hearing so much about it.  After receiving an invitation from a friend to join the group (exclusive!), I went crazy and created something like 27 boards or so full of favourite images of all sorts - makeup and hair tips, fashion to covet, geekery, DIY ideas, and a few more in there.  Come follow me if you're on it, we'll probably swap a bunch of cool stuff. 

Speaking of cool stuff found on Pinterest, that's what lead me to Polyvore.  I kept seeing awesome-looking clothing ensembles in what looked like print magazine layouts being repinned, which peaked my interest.  That lead to a site called Polyvore, and if your a clothes-horse, fashion junkie, trendwatcher or just someone who knows how to put together a good outfit, welcome to your dream closet. 

Come find me on both sites and we'll have some fun swapping ideas!

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