Sunday, January 31, 2010

Glass and Silver From!

It's time to show off some of the goodies has to offer!  I've been invited to work with a selection of their Silver and Glass products, and I've got some fantastic things to show you!

The Swarovski project yielded 6 pieces from my selection, and I had certainly outdone myself - with 11!!  The selection of glass beads and Bali, Hill Tribe, and sterling silver beads has to offer come in a myriad of colours, shapes, cuts and finishes for a real unique design experience.  I've got a few new beads of my own and a few recycled pieces of jewelry to use with these fantastic beads!

Wow, there's just too much to show you - let's get started!

Skeleton Key necklace

Skeletons in your closet much?  This necklace is one of my favourites!

These skull beads, carved out of bone (ironically!) are one of my favourites in my stash, and were a great element in this necklace.  These avocado green glass beads with a 'Picasso' finish add the perfect detail to the rugged skulls.  The green star pendant was from a pair of recycled earrings, and the vintage key came from an Etsy purchase from  A great fit!

Amber Floral bracelet

With the few avocado green glass beads left, agate beads, and black acrylic faceted beads, I had a great platform for this beautiful lampwork bead I had purchased on Etsy from  The rest of the beads came from a broken necklace given to me by a work friend. 

Forest Buddha bracelet

I've had this red jasper Laughing Buddha charm for quite a while, and it's been on necklaces, bracelets, even bag charms - I think it's found its permanent home now! These opaline yellow faceted glass beads and wasabi/brown/turquoise faceted glass beads provide a great sense of the depths of the forest and the abundance of sunlight.  There's nothing more peaceful than the serenity of nature at its quietest.

Water Lotus bracelet

There are a few things that I absolutely love about this bracelet, and it all started with the bead selection.  The silver lotus pendant is stunning right out of the package, and although simple in design, it certainly is a statement.  The Bali silver cylinder bead with swirl detail and Bali silver thin twisted wire spacers are delicate, yet earthy.  The wasabi and turquoise rondelle glass beads and blue soldite chips compliment the colours in the beautiful handmade lampwork bead from  Alright, I love everything about this bracelet!  It's my lucky charm!

Alice necklace

You'll see these candy pink flowers in a few more pieces featured in this blog that I've recycled from a necklace I had purchased on sale at an accessory shop.  The turquoise rondelle glass beads were just too perfect a match for this sweetheart necklace!  With the anticipated release of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland a bounty of inspiration, these flowers remind me of the talking roses Alice encounters while she wandered the forest.  You're recognize the snow white glass flower beads that I'd purchased from off to the side - it's all in the details!  A couple of opaline yellow rondelle glass beads are near the clasp for some colour contrast and to find the clasp easily.

Urban Flowers earrings

Who can resist a dramatic pair of earrings?  

From the aforementioned necklace purchase, here are more candy pink flowers with turquoise/brown/wasabi rondelle glass beads.  The pattern within the beads somewhat reminds me of a delicate camoflage pattern, adding a little urban touch.
Pachyderm necklace

The pendant, of an unknown stone variety as I write this blog, was a great find at Earthworks for a dollar.  I love the mauve, hints of green and grey spackle on the elephant.  (This picture does not do it justice!)  More candy pink flowers are used in this necklace, and a combination of wasabi and turquoise/brown/wasabi rondelle glass beads scatter all the way up a silver and gunmetal handmade chain.  I've also placed a flower as a off-centre accent - my favourite element in necklace making!

Garden Party ring

An amazing cocktail ring, if I must say.  This ring was a joy to make, and couldn't ask for a more serendipitous moment than matching these opaline yellow rondelle glass beads with these snow white glass flowers I'd purchased from  I've also been holding onto a stash of Venetian glass beads in an array of shapes, sizes and colours, which were a perfect fit in the theme of this ring.

Spades earrings

These gold filagree spades came from another necklace purchased on sale at an accessory shop.  There are those snow white glass flowers again - with faceted rose glass beads, both from  I added a turquoise rondelle glass bead on each earring for a punch of colour.

Paisley earrings

These came from the same recycled necklace as the earrings above, with the same embellishments, minus the white flowers.  The opposite patterns make a great asymmetrical pair without too much eccentricity.  

Gold Driftwood necklace

And here are the last elements of the recycled necklace!  The gold chain was used as the base of the necklace, and I had added faceted and rectangle rose glass beads, turquoise chunks and large smooth beads made of driftwood.  The last two charms from the actual necklace were used and mounted on my last two turquoise rondelle glass beads.  This necklace has some beautiful movement and is very light to wear.  

There you have it!  The more I use these fantastic quality beads from, the more inspiration comes so easily to me.  When you're working with a quality product as an artist, your designs have the opportunity to become better than you expect. does just that - 'supplying your imagination!'

*Disclaimer: I had received these products free of charge from and I am making an honest review of the products and have not been paid for this endorsement as it pertains to the products received.

Photography credit: Cassandra Watsham


Mikiye Creations said...

I am LOVING these new designs of yours!!!
I am SO diggin' that Buddha bracelet!
Oh, and the Water lotus bracelet!
OH! and the necklaces!!!!

I'm going to have to share these in my blog! to check out your shop!

Cassandra Watsham said...

I think I should get on that show Hoarders, because if I keep any more jewelry that I like, I'm gonna have a real problem!

The Water Lotus bracelet I made for me, and I LOVE everything else, it'll be hard to part with it. has some coooool stuff, baby! Check them out for your stuff, too!

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