Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Where To Start When Playing Catch-Up ...

Oh my goodness, I couldn't believe how long it had been since I'd posted anything here, and I have so much to tell you all!

We last left with the news that Nick and I have moved into our own humble abode, unpacking slowly but surely.  The 'moving' part is almost over - we still have some things in storage we need to pull out - and the exciting part - well, for me - is beginning: organizing!

Nick has his music studio almost set up, with our mutual collection of instruments and gear in our second bedroom.  I'm currently looking for shelving and storage solutions for my beads and accoutrement, and have set up shop in the dining area of the apartment.  It's got a great overhead light for me to use while I work!


And we've got two additions to the family - Piccolo and Cleo!  We've left Edward and Bug to a good family, and found that they had grown attached to each other.  Since we were starting fresh, we knew that we could provide a good, stable, loving home to these beautiful cats.  Piccolo is the 'freakshow' of the two, always showing off to strangers who come to visit, but Cleo (her previous masters named her Sybil 'because of her personality') was extremely timid to everyone, and has recently started to warm up to us.  We're very patient with her; as all 'cat people' know, we're really fooling ourselves when we think we rule the house.

Through all this madness, I've still found the time to be creative!  I'll unfortunately have to formally withdrawl my participation in the 365-Day Make n' Tell Challenge, because I've simply lost track of days, and had a big interruption that somewhat thwarted the momentum of the entire challenge.  Don't worry - the drive is still ever present!  I am so excited to show you the neat stuff I did over the holidays, and I'll do my best to catch up on all of yours!

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