Monday, April 19, 2010

A 'Green' Idea: Reused Fabric Necklaces

With Earth Day coming up, I thought I'd focus on a few crafty ideas from recycled and reused materials.  First up - fabrics!

I have lots of really cool t-shirts that are way too big for me, lots of denim from previously loved jeans, vintage fabrics, patterned bedsheets and pillowcases, and much, much more I most likely can't think of.  Fabric can be unconventional to use in jewelry and is really inspirational once you start to manipulate it for your own design.  I started off relatively simple with some complicated patterns on vintage fabrics, and turned up the drama with classic denim.  Let's take a look!

I don't need to add too much to the colours on these vintage fabrics, I wanted to let them stand out on their own!  I've added some painted and natural wood beads, seed pods and other beads inspired by the colour palate, knotted them into the fabric for a cool and casual bohemian look.  These necklaces are really fantastic layered together, as well!

This fabric is from a table cloth with a big ol' ugly stain right in the middle of it.  No matter how many times I sent that thing through the wash, I just couldn't get it out.  Shame, really.  This fabric is a beautiful gauze cotton I had used for many purposes, once as a corkboard cover, and the last was to cover a table where it received its stain from red wine.  I had stashed this fabric away, knowing I'd probably use it for something.  Well, here's something!  The polished look of the acrylic seed pod beads look really sleek with this material, and are a great neutral layer for either of the colourful necklaces above!

Just Like Your Favourite Pair of Jeans necklace

This necklace surely is a personal favourite of mine!  Made from a pair of my own jeans - which were drycleaned before reused! - this is a multi-strand necklace of epic proportions!  I never feel 'right' about tossing away a pair of jeans because they're worn at the knees or something of that effect.  I have two or three pairs that I have a few ideas for future projects.  I surely may make a few renditions of this necklace!  

Look forward to more projects with reused items!  Find everyday craftiness in the unexpected and everyday!  My Etsy shop is full of 'em!  Visit today!

Photography credit: Cassandra Watsham

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