Monday, May 17, 2010

Because Naked Tin Cans Are Just Indecent ...

A wonderful thing about being a repurposing DIYer is the handy stuff around the home that can be transformed into some pretty cool stuff.  All you need is imagination!  Of course, the flipside of that problem is the potential hording it can cause.  Yikes.  Well, I've been hanging onto these empty soup cans for a little while, I think it's about time I start this project I've had in mind - decoupage soup tins!

These handy - and uniquely decorated - items can serve many purposes on their own.  I keep various containers of miscellaneous items that are too random to be sorted with regular bead supplies and whatnot, as well as holders for paintbrushes, rulers, pens, pencils, Sharpies, pliers and other tools I need within an arms reach.  Another idea I've had would be candle holders - drilling holes in patterns with either a small votive or a tea light inside.  I'd like to make them for our balcony when the renovations are finished for our apartment building.  Armed with lots of paper ephemera, and with the help of my friendly neighbour, Dejah, we've done some pretty awesome work!

I had made a 'book safe' from a hardcover vintage textbook about the history of Nevada for Nick, and used the cutout pages to decoupage these two cans.  One features text with a 1864 map of the State of Nevada, the other features various images from the history of this great state.  I've started to brush a gloss over the cans, but I think it'll need another coat.

My neighbour, Dejah, dropped by, just in time to lend a creative hand!  With sheet music and music catalogues in abundance - Nick and I both being musicians - we had some fun tearing stuff up and decoupaging some pasta sauce cans.  I especially like the flutes and piccolos from an old Yamaha catalogue used on this can here!

Not only had I been hording tin cans - but glass jars as well!  I'd been storing old jewelry to repurpose in various glass jars so that I can see what can be used in current or future projects, as well as groups of odd items in categories, like large one-of-a-kind plastic or glass or wooden beads, guitar picks, toys and various items to be reimagined.  I don't have an 'official' stamp collection, but I do hang onto various stamps that intrigue and excite me.  The stamps on the first jar are a collection from the letters I receive from Pornpanit, a child I sponsor in Thailand through World Vision Canada.  They're a beautiful visual reminder of the change I'm bringing to this child's life everyday.  The stamps on the larger jar are from various Etsy transactions - the Silver Surfer stamp came from my very first sale on Etsy!  I think I may have more stamps hidden someplace, I'll just need to search a little bit more in those nooks and crannies I overlooked.  These could also make fantastic candle holders, and the colours of the stamps would illuminate beautifully!

Being in the process of organizing the 'stash, these'll be really handy for storage, and a great way to recycle!

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CathyH said...

Looks like you are having fun! I have tons of old papers too and hoard all kinds of stuff just knowing I can make something cool with it one day. Back in the olden days they used to cover the walls with pages from old catalogs when they weren't being used for TP.
I love your piccolo can too!

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