Friday, May 7, 2010

A Little Etsy Splurge ...

I've been a little 'mouse-button' happy and made some fantastic purchases on Etsy lately.  Show n' tell, everyone!

Repurposed Wood Domino Pendant from   Finding the tweet that led me to her sale section, I came across this cute pendant for a mere $10.  Not only did this necklace in record time, but I also received a second necklace and a 'seed tag' to plant and grow catnip!  How thoughtful!  My two princesses will surely be appreciative of that!

Balsam Bayou Salt Bar Soap and Irish Tweed Soap from  I had bought these to add to something I had already purchased for Nick's birthday.  I've actually started using the Balsam Bayou Salt Bar Soap, and it smells like my favourite incense in the shower!

Jewelry Supply Destash from  This was an awesome find.  I had found a bracelet exactly the same as this at a local thrift store a while ago.  It was a souvenier bracelet from Paris, with embossed stamps of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Louvre.  This bracelet is a souvenier bracelet from the Most Serene Republic of San Marino, a hidden landlocked enclave situated in the Apennine Mountains, completely surrounded by Italy.  The images are of San Marino's famed Three Towers and their coat of arms on the other side.  I am ecstatic to take this bracelet apart and make something anew!  The brooch has incredible potential, and I've already got a project lined up for the locket!

Ethnic Charms and Medallions from  I love being influenced by worldly cultures and symbols, and found these ethnic charms depicting various images of Buddha and symbols associated with him.  I hope to take these to a friend who would be able to give me an idea of their specific meaning.

Look forward to some cool stuff made with these fun finds!

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