Thursday, September 30, 2010

High Fashion Thursday, Issue #7: Taylor Swift at Milan Fashion Week

A little guilty pleasure of mine is strolling the weekly 'best and worst dressed' lists.  Knowing that most of these looks are put together by professional stylists, they have a great talent for dressing their clients in ensembles that accentuate their personality.  Well ... the good ones, at least.

So, for our High Fashion Thursday issues, I'd like to pick out my favourite look of the week and throw together a few surprises from our friends at Etsy!  My favourite look this week comes from a young lady that's been receiving a lot of press this week for her music, Taylor Swift! 

Taylor Swift attends Robert Cavalli during Milan Fashion Week

The romance of her attire at the Robert Cavalli Womenswear Show during the Milan Fashion Week will be sought after by teenage queens and young professionals everywhere.  In a subdued romantic ivory top, ruffled charcoal tiered skirt, patterned tights and knee-high lace-up boots, all she's missing for a stroll through the autumn leaves is a comfy coat or wrap and someone to hold her close!  Check out the Treasury on Etsy for handmade options reminiscing on Taylor's 'ethereal autumn' look!

 Stay tuned next Thursday for more finds!

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