Monday, September 27, 2010

Etsy Monday! Issue #6: Rock On!

Welcome to another long-awaited issue of Etsy Monday!

Today, we welcome three artists who pay tribute to an iconic instrument of the ages - the guitar!  From the folksy strumming of Peter, Paul and Mary to the heavy riffs of Black Sabbath, it's as versatile an instrument that any other.  Everyone has a little rock star inside them - why not with a little help from these fine folks?
A great little shop full of ingenious surprises - with guitar strings!  Ashley from Oregon enjoys making music as much as she loves making her jewelry, stemming from days as a child in her mother's craft store.  She hopes her jewelry will help you express your love of jewelry to the world!  Follow Ashley on Twitter as @PluckingPendant for more surprises!

Nylon Guitar String Dangle earrings

Guitar & Bass String Resin Coated Pendant
Bass Guitar String Belt Buckle
Acoustic Guitar String Cuff Links
Acoustic Guitar String Multi-Circle Necklace
There's nothing a musician loves more than a well-made instrument.  With Celentano Woodworks, you'll get nothing but the best with their handmade 3-string guitars!  In an array of shapes, sizes, themes and colours, it's clear that these talented 'luthiers' go by their mantra: "If you can dream it, we can build it."  And don't 'fret' (ha ha!) - if you're thinking one of these beauties would get some gratifying attention at your next gig, these babies can be installed with a pickup to plug into your amp!  Don't forget to check out their YouTube Channel for exclusive videos with these fine instruments in action!

Cupcake Ukulele, soprano - 'Cakulele'
Double-neck Backpacker Guitar, 3 strings each neck
Les Paul-style Tenor Ukulele - Blue Burst, semi-hollow electric
The Skull - 1, 2 or 3 string
Snail Ukulele, baritone/tenor - 'Snailele'
Juli and Dan live where the 'History of Rock n' Roll' resides - Chicago!  Frustrated by boring black cables littering their jam space, these colourful cords - inspired by the fabric-wrapped instrument cables of the '50s and '60s - will grab your attention, and won't get lost at the gig!  Hand-soldered and wired and available in three different grades - 'Top Notch', 'Classic' and 'EcoPatch' - they're sure you'll look like a "freakin' genius on stage"!  Follow Cordinated on Twitter @cordinatedcable for more updates!

Headphones in Masquerade
Right-Angle Patch EcoPatch Cables in Pink
10 ft. Classic Instrument Cable in Silver
15 ft. Top Notch Instrument Cable

6 ft. Classic Instrument Cable in Suede

Rock on, fellow Etsians!  Excellent work by musicians who understand the needs of fellow musicians and music appreicators!

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