Saturday, May 14, 2011

Denim Fabric Necklaces

More fun stuff to share!

A big "first off", thank you to everyone for all of your love and support during this transition!  I am incredibly excited and nervous about my new and exciting career as a theatre arts teacher, as I have lots of love and experience to share with today's youth.  I'll be detailing my thoughts and processes on my music and theatre performance blog, The Pursuit.  Theatre touches everyone in many different ways, either as artist or appreciator, and everyone's input is appreciated and more than welcome.  Got ideas for kid's theatre games?  Favourite childhood memories from school plays?  I'll be talking about it all and sharing the joy!

Onward to that fun stuff to share - fabric necklaces!

My best friend, Graham, gave me a pair of his jeans many moons ago, thinking I was going to turn them into a skirt.  It never really got to that process, but I did have lots of fun creating multi-strand fabric necklaces with beads in all sorts of 'organic' materials.  He was a little disappointed, I think - he thought it would be really cool to see his own favourite pair turn into something else of a favourite - but he does give his stamp of approval on them.  He is my best friend, after all; his opinion matters to me! :)  I have loads more of that vintage fabric from those dresses than I know what to do with, and I'm coming up with more and more ideas on how to use it.  Check out what's what so far!

Both these necklaces came from Graham's denim.  (For hygenic purposes, and because it makes me feel better, they were drycleaned.  I'm not saying Graham's a dirty bum, but he's a guy who likes to work out.)  The first necklace, you'll find a mix of Australian seed pods, acrylic kukui beads, and wood beads of all shapes, sizes, grains and colours.  There are three strands intertwined with each other and fits much like a bib necklace.  Nice and lightweight, too, and fits right over your head.  The second one incorporates different shapes of wood beads stained blue, a great match for the denim.  This one's a three-strander, as well.  I had also created 'denim blossoms' from some of the snipped ends of the fabric and sewn them together, then applying them to various points on the necklace.  (You can see detail of one of these blossoms in the middle picture of the second collage.)  I'm in the process of figuring out an earring design that doesn't look to ridiculous - I'm very excited!  I've also made a few more denim necklaces that I haven't photographed yet that I'm excited to show you, as well.

I love this vintage fabric, with these freeform shapes and splashes of obtrusive colour - it's eyecatching and oddly pleasant to me.  These two necklaces were two of the first that I had made from this fabric, with wood beads and acrylic kukui beads knotted throughout.  They look great worn together, or with a large chain-and-pendant piece over a bathing suit cover.  I have many other ideas I'd like to experiment with using this fabric, just gotta do a little reading first!

I would like to incorporate more fabrics in innovative ways into my jewelry design.  Interesting patterned fabrics can work for a jewelry designer when it comes to complementing colours and the finer details that make all the difference.  Sometimes it can ease up the physical work when it comes to those finer details, depending how the pattern is showcased.  Too much beading will take away from the fabric, but the splash of detail is what makes it unique.  With neckscarves and pashminas being a classic accessory, introducing fabrics and textiles into jewelry design follows that trend of rich patterns and comfortable textures adding unique detail to any ensemble. 

So before you donate that scarf you haven't looked at, or throw out those old pair of jeans, maybe there's another way you can wear it!  Use it to inspire your next piece, and you'll probably fall in love with it all over again.

Sorry Graham - next pair, I promise I'll make a skirt.


Marian Hertzog said...

I have a hoard of fabric that I have been working with so I get where you are with this! I love what you have done here. Very unique and interesting. I have made some fabric beads too. Fun!

Anonymous said...


Mirror of Fashion said...

Those look brilliant! X

1129 said...

I love your fabric necklace! nicoletta

Anonymous said...

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