Saturday, June 4, 2011

deviantART is GO!

Apologies to all, my dear friends ... I've recently found that I have been negligent with my deviantART page and wanted to spend some time on updating it with my favourite and most recent photographs of jewelry, nature, portraits and graphic art design.  I've got a great portfolio happening, I'd love for you to come and stop by!

deviantART is a positive community of artists who share their work for critique and feedback, as well as a chance to sell prints and merchandise of their work.  You can get some of my photographs on magnets, mugs, coasters and postcards ... and lots more!  I've made some great connections and met some fantastic artists of all mediums, and I hope we continue to inspire each other.

Please enjoy the work I've produced, and let me know what you think.  I've got a master plan to build a portfolio to apply to a design school, so be ruthless!  Look for the button above on the left hand side of the blog to take you to the gallery!

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