Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crystal Lori Boyd: (Paint) Splatter Analyst

I've got a good friend I want you to meet.  She does wonders with the unexpected.

Please meet my friend Crystal Lori Boyd, an artist here in Brampton, Ontario.  I'd like to call her an 'extreme fingerpainter', but I'm worried it doesn't speak of the maturity in her art.  Crystal is what we'd like to call 'green-conscious', using recycled and reused materials in her art.  Most of her canvases consist of cabinet doors, countertops, wood planks, tiles and probably lots more I can't think of but she's used.  She also likes to 'texturize' her paintings by including crumpled materials drenched in paint and moulded much like the splatters on the canvas - her favourite lately being party streamers.  It makes for an incredible effect that adds wondrous depth and dimension.

She confesses that she doesn't use paintbrushes very often, but does most of her creations in paint with her hands.  Crystal had done an interactive art show for Synergy's Grand Opening at the end of the summer, and I'm a fool for not getting any pictures - I had sworn there were some!  Covered in paint up to her forearms and all over her legs, she had produced some beautiful paint in front of a wonderstruck audience.  Here are pictures of some of the finished pieces she had brought with her and completed at the event.

Crystal is such an awesome friend, she had gifted me a beautiful piece I had been secretly admiring.  I had never told her and planned to buy it, but I think she may have telepathically pulled it from me.  I need to find a spot with the right lighting.  In the meantime, it sits atop a pile of favourite books yet to find a bookshelf home.  Thank you, Crystal! :)

Crystal has artwork on display in the upstairs gallery at Green Cup Roastery in downtown Brampton, across from the Rose Theatre.  You have to see these for yourself, because these pictures don't do any justice.

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