Friday, November 13, 2009

Surprise! WE'RE MOVING!!

Nick and I have found ourselves on a lightning-fast search for a place for us to really settle some roots, and our good karma has landed right back in our lap - we've found ourselves a beautiful 2-bedroom open-concept apartment, just outside of downtown Brampton!  Hardwood floors throughout the entire apartment, kitchen with new appliances, and closet space galore!   (Plenty of room for all those shoes, my father would say!)   We'll be setting up the second bedroom as a workspace/music studio that both Nick and I can share, where I can be surrounded and inspired by a menagerie of musical instruments, and Nick can finally have the space he's always wanted to make his music flourish!  

I haven't any pictures right now of this beautiful space, but certainly will very soon!  My 365-Make n' Tell Challenges will mostly be revolved around decorating our little piece of planet Earth we call home, as well as organizing my jewelry workspace, while incorporating a shared space with Nick and his home studio for music recording.

Oh man, is he good.  I might be slightly biased, and I don't care; I know talent when I see it!  I know I show off enough with my own stuff all over this blog, so here's a chance to show off the love of my life doing what he loves to do in life!  This is Nick in his former band, Dali Circus, and a little taste of his guitar prowess. 

'Butterfly fingers', no?

See you in the new place!

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