Monday, November 8, 2010

Etsy Monday! Issue #11: 'Hey, Artist! Got A Dollar?'

Please forgive the Etsy Monday! absence last week.  With the upcoming production of Brampton Music Theatre's Rent opening this Thursday at the Rose Theatre in Brampton, we're in full swing with the final details for props, sets and costumes.  (You wouldn't think it would be so difficult to find early 90's technology!)  I'll be posting pictures very soon on some backstage secrets and fun stuff from rehearsals!

It's been such an honour to work on this show.  Rent is a coveted production for anyone to be a part of, and I'm very happy and proud of the work we've all contributed.  The cast is incredibly talented; the set is outstanding; costumes, props and the ambience of the piece is all there, to take you to the backstreets of New York City's Alphabet Street in the early 1990's.  We're so excited for opening night, and I don't think I've been more satisfied with my work than ever than on this production. Check out this post for some video highlights of the cast!

So let's get to the final cut and today's special Etsy Monday!  Jonathan Larson's Pulitzer-Prize-winning production has brought about poignant issues in regards to aids awareness, support for artists, housing the homeless and LGBT rights.  As supposed to featuring just three Etsians generous in heart for these wonderful causes, I'd like to feature some of my favourite items to help bring awareness to these and other great causes.  'Heart' these items on your Etsy profile favourites, feature them in your next Treasury, or better yet - buy your favourites to give to family and friends for the holiday season!  'No day but today' to show your love than to 'pay it forward'!

 This hand-knit HIV/AIDS awareness ribbon from Button Tree is a crafty way to show your support!

Rugged and rustic, this hand-stamped bracelet with awareness ribbon charm from Cobweb Corner is a great gift for the big-hearted on your list.

Remind your friends that Laughter is the Best Medicine, with this photo from Sherri Conley!

This sterling silver Courage charm from Shining Light Jewelry would make a great addition to a charm bracelet or as a solo pendant!

And what a wonderful mantra to remember for all of us - No Day But Today.  This print, available in many other colours from The ColorBee.

Next Monday will be back to normal when Rent is all wrapped up.  In the meantime, get into Brampton and check it out at the Rose Theatre - running this weekend only!


Adri said...

Thank you so much for featuring me! Good luck with your production!!!

ColorBee said...

What an inspiring post! Hope you have much success with your production of Rent, one of my favorite musicals of all time:) I was lucky enough to see Rent on Broadway and will never forget it. Break a leg! :))

Annette, Shining Light Jewelry said...

Fantastic blog!

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