Monday, November 29, 2010

Etsy Monday! Issue #12: Some Classy Dudes

If you and I are anything alike - well, most of you, anyway - some of the hardest people to shop for are men.  Hubby, my best friend, my father and stepfather, my Secret Santa at work (which will most likely be a dude, working with 95% dudes) - you want to get 'em something that'll make him smile and not rattle around in a junk drawer.  I'd like to introduce you to three of my favourite Etsy shops offering unique and useful gifts for the trendy men in your life!
Now, these are ties even I would steal out of hubby's closet!  Bethany Shorb of Cyberoptix™ Tie Lab dressed rock stars - she can definitely make that dude on your list feel like a rock star in one of these ties!  With a workshop on the second floor of a furniture warehouse in downtown Detroit, Bethany screenprints each tie by hand, available in silk, cotton, microfibre, as well as limited edition pieces with vintage and sustainable elements and materials.  She's been "filling the void" of hip mens formalwear since 2006, with much success since - Bethany's work has been featured in The Martha Stewart Show, New York Times Magazine and various prominent fashion blogs around the internet. Quite simply, I think we're all in agreement - "these ties don't suck!"

Oh, and while you're visiting the shop buying that tie, don't forget to check out the silk and pashmina scarves for the ladies ... but don't blame me for that impulse purchase!  Follow Cyberoptix™on Facebook and Twitter to keep on top of shop updates!

Communication, screenprinted radio transmitter tower necktie

Broken Stripe, silkscreen microfibre necktie

Beer. Hops, barley and wheat, silkscreen silk necktie

Violin, silkscreen microfibre necktie

Vintage Typewriter, moss green silkscreen woven silk scarf
The first time I saw these wallets, I was so thankful.  Being a musician can be a plaguing life of either having too many guitar picks in the way, or not having one when you need it the most.  When I saw a pocket especially for guitar picks in these Nerd Herder wallets by RockitBot, amongst other functional and innovative storage compartments, I saw a big answer to my everyday organizational problems, as well as a few other people I know who would appreciate one of these!  Us 'unorganized' musicians really should be thanking Brook for being so inventive and patient in dealing with one herself (her husband!) and providing this awesomeness to the rest of us.  Brook also makes other styles of gadget wallets and sleeves to suit most styles of current technology, with trendy patterns and colours.  Vegan-friendly eco-felt and limited-edition 'upcycled' materials and patterns are also available for the green-minded!

I really can't resist one myself, now learning that there's a detachable shoulder strap sold separately that makes the Nerd Herder wallet a mini purse!  Replace pegwinder with lipstick, iPod with compact and we're set for a night out, ladies!

Escape Pod Wallet in Punkish Plaid

Upcycled Gadget Sleeve in Woven

Nerdherder Wallet in Purple Dragon Tattoo

Nerdherder Wallet in Monitor Static

Escape Pod Wallet in Primitive Paisley
This shop has a very interesting story to its inception; Arete writes in her profile, "In March of 2004, my mother sent me a clipping of my birthday horoscope, just as she did every year. As usual, I skimmed over it and stuck it in a drawer, not giving it much thought... The next month, she died, unexpectedly. [sic] "  After many years, many shifts in life and creative outlets, starting with the growing demand of her record album purses and jewelry that she would "literally sell them off of my neck," ultimately leading to the success of bmused, where Arete creates handmade leather belt buckles and other accessories for men and women, her attention turned to the horoscope stuffed in the drawer.  "And there it was ... 'A project done well in June will push you into a new career realm' ... hmmm, I thought ... it was June of that year when I made my first [record album] purse ... [sic]."  A special technique is used in making each buckle, involving transferring the image directly onto the leather and sealing it with a professional grade coating, adding a touch of glossy sheen "that really brings the colors and image details to life."

Arete's made your browsing easy - there are some great selection in the What a Guy Wants and What a Girl Wants sections - so don't forget to browse for yourself!

Vintage Nautical Compass Belt Buckle

Boxing Kangaroo Belt Buckle

Vintage Tiger Belt Buckle

Gypsy Love Song Belt Buckle

Left Wing - Angel Wing Illustration Belt Buckle

Hoping this will help you find those gifts for those classy dudes a little bit easier!

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