Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Special Edition, Issue #12: Dan McNab Photography

My thirtieth birthday had passed on October 25, something I had mixed feelings about.  The 'number' I had denied for so long, but still admitted in age if anyone asked (I ain't no lady!).  I still have people ask me at work if I should be in school.  I guess these good looks shouldn't go to waste!  So, I called my friend Dan McNab to help me out!  This photo shoot was the very first thing I did on the day of my birthday (a Monday this year), sans makeup or fab model getup.  I wanted something casual, urban, youthful and fun for these portraits - something I can reflect on in later years and remember to have that same youthful attitude all my life.  I also hope to use some of these as part of a headshot package for future auditions and gigs!

Cutie Kaiya in a Bug-a-Bow tutu!
Dan's a hobby photographer who has a fantastic natural eye behind the lens.  His hometown of Orangeville provides him with beautiful farm landscapes and clouded skies, a great inspiration for a lot of his photography.  He's recently ventured into product photography (something us DIYers all strive to do well!) with Bug-a-Bows Children's Boutique, his work is currently being featured on their site.  An avid music player and appreciator, we are also coworkers at Long & McQuade Brampton, and I can't remember a day I haven't seen him without his camera in tow!  Whether it's trips to the zoo with his family, the company summer picnic or plain ol' struck with inspiration, Dan's work has incredible potential in an already beautiful portfolio.  Here are a few favourite shots from his blog,, and be sure to follow to check out more of his work!

Thanks so much to Dan for taking some time to help commemorate this special birthday!


annierama said...

I really like these shots!
keep on doing your thing!

clippingimages said...

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