Saturday, April 16, 2011

Costume Jewelry to SHOUT About!

The costume jewelry for SHOUT! is just about done!  We have a meet n' greet at Zehrs Grocery in Orangeville tomorrow - in costume! - and I wanted to finish as much as I could so I can give the ladies some options on accessories.  I would like to make a few more than what I have here for each character, but funds are tight nowadays and so is time - curtain's in under a month!  We're still in the process of dealing with the finer details in the costumes themselves, which will be showstopping!  A few details have changed in the accessories, as well - instead of clip-on earrings, they'll have earwires; I couldn't find silver clip-ons for the life of me, and was concerned about their hold during our dance numbers.  I won't be putting magnet clasps on the necklaces, either - again, funds are tight nowadays!  A lobster clasp will be used for the necklaces; still has that same security when dancing around.  Let's check out what we have!

The Green Girl (that's me!)  Matching lampwork glass in coin and tube beads made a great chunky bracelet, strung on stretch wire, with a pair of earrings to match! I had made a second pair with faceted acrylic beads for a costume change.

The Blue Girl (Samantha Russell).  I saw a picture of Twiggy from the '60s wearing a huge pair of disco balls for earrings.  These silver beads with disco-esque style made me think of them (but certainly not as big) and included a couple of acrylic hoops from the botton - actually knitting markers!  (You'll see more of these in the SHOUT! Collection!)  The bracelet cuff is strung on Memory Wire for easy on-and-off change, with silver acrylic glitter beads and a mix of acrylic and glass beads in blue hues.  The second pair of earrings - a fantastic set of shoulder-duster chandeliers - are meant to be a match set with the bracelet.

The Yellow Girl (Abi Adekoya).  These vintage lucite beads with swirl patterns are the perfect shade of sunshine yellow!  Most of the costumes for The Yellow Girl have a black, white and yellow colour scheme, so these will coordinate with them all!  Another pair of earrings are on the way!

The Orange Girl (Elizabeth Glenday).  A mix of vintage beads from a bunch of repurposed thrifted finds make up the earrings and necklace.  The Orange Girl also has an interesting costume change that I've also got a piece for, but it's not quite finished yet.  You'll be seeing another pair of orange earrings soon!

Yes, I know ... one more to go!  The Red Girl doesn't require much accessories, but I did make a pair of earrings for Justine Christie to wear tomorrow.  However, the camera died before I could snap some photos of them.  Even better - I'll get a picture of her wearing them!

Come on by Zehr's Grocery tomorrow for a barbecue and meet the cast of SHOUT! The Mod Musical!  Don't forget the complement them on their smashing accessories!

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