Friday, April 15, 2011

The SHOUT! Collection ... and a Discount Code!

Groovy! Fab! Cosmic! Swingin'!  Celebrate the 'mod musings' of five groovy girls in '60s London, England, growing up in a time of changing attitudes towards gender as they discover the potential in their own lives and in each others'.  Minis and go go boots, flower power and rainbows, big hair and bigger dreams, all set to a soundtrack of some of the greatest hits sung by Dusty Springfield, Lulu, Cilla Black, Shirley Bassey, and many more!  It'll make you tilt your head back and Shout!

Playing The Green Girl in LP Stage Production's show has been a real inspirational experience for my jewelry design.  Yummy!  Not only do I have the chance to design the accessories for the costumes in the show, I made a few pieces for everyone to enjoy!  This collection is inspired by my love of the bright colours and mod fashions in this exciting era of fashion.  Yummy!

I also present a new discount code for you all to enjoy!  In celebration of Shout! The Mod Musical, I present a 15% savings for you all to enjoy with the code 'SHOUT2011'.  Check out the advert - made by yours truly! - that will be in our show's program!

Onward to the SHOUT! Collection!

Colour My World bracelet.  "... with sunshine every day!"  These adorable acrylic cube beads boasting some serious flower power are in all colours of the rainbow.  "It's a sign of the times!"  The bracelet measures 7 inches long.

'Round Every Corner bracelet.  "While you're debating, some things are waiting 'round every corner!"  These acrylic hoops in bold colours will bring a little 'mod musings' to your day!  The bracelet measures 7 inches with a hoop clasp.

"The Pill" earrings.  "Looking to shag scags of lads?  Well, The Pill is for you!"  That little revolutionary pill that changed everything for women when it was introduced in the '60s!  These acrylic hoops and vintage lucite beads are a great match together, dangling at 9cm long.

Mod Bullseye earrings.  A modern twist on a 'mod' icon, these red vintage lucite nuggets dangle with two blue acrylic hoops for a groovy pair of statement earrings!  They hang 9cm from the earwires.

I had one more bracelet to show you, but I kept looking at it, thinking it was 'unfinished'.  Well ... here it is so far ...

I do love these beads; they remind me of the geometric patterns I often see in 'mod minis'.  I tried the bracelet on, and it didn't look right to me.  I've made a fantastic colour addition to the bracelet - which will be revealed tomorrow, when I show off the finished accessory pieces for the cast's costumes!

These accessories will be available soon in my Etsy shop - in the meantime, don't forget to use your discount code 'SHOUT2011' to save 15% on your purchase!  You can also follow more behind-the-scenes updates of Shout! The Mod Musical on my music and theatre performance blog, The Pursuit!

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