Monday, November 9, 2009

Handmade Christmas Cards

Yes, yes, yes!  More holiday cheer!

I've always loved receiving handmade greeting cards.  The sentimentality of receiving a gift that someone has put lots of tender loving care into its creation says a lot more than a store-bought gift.  For someone on a holiday budget, it's the perfect option to give a token of love!

I thought I'd take a try on some handmade Christmas cards, since I love the art of 'cut n' paste' since I was a kid.  My talent has become quite refined since childhood, and I'm rather happy with the result!  Let me take you on a walk through what I had been doing over the past few days ...

Shooting Star card in red/yellow


Shooting Star card in green/yellow


These 'Shooting Star' cards weren't the first ones I had made over the last few days, but I'm committing the sin of pride, because I like these the best out of all the cards I had made.  The ribbon pieces were all prearranged, and I used double-sided tape to stick everything down.  The inside pages of the cards are of wax paper, translucent enough for both ribbon frames to be seen, and a piece of cardstock to write your holiday greeting.  Each card is personally signed by yours truly with my Etsy shop location.  Doesn't it feel a little more 'official' when the artist signs her work personally?  I guess that's why I did it in blue pen!

Christmas Carol cards, set of four


This set of four cards would be perfect for a music teacher, music virtuoso, or music appreciator!  The sheet music came from some defected books I had purchased from work to use for paper crafts - they certainly were a perfect match here!  Simple silhouettes of familiar holiday sights with red and green jeweled decals and green ribbon detail.  The inside pages are of patterned gift wrap tissue paper and green packing paper to write a friendly Christmas hello!  Once again, my Etsy shop signature is on the back of the card to know where you can find me! 

Bird of Peace Holiday Ornament cards, set of two


Santa's Little Holiday Ornament cards, set of two

These were a joy to make!  You'll remember these felt cutouts from some previous holiday ornaments that I had made, and thought it would be a fantastic idea to combine the two!  These ornaments can be left on the card or be taken off to hang wherever you'd like to add some holiday cheer.  Each of these ornaments have different Christmas charms with glittery beads and ribbon, with patterned gift wrap tissue paper and coloured packing paper to write your sentiments.  My Etsy shop signature, as always, can be found on the back of the cards.  These would make a great Secret Santa gift!

I really enjoyed making these cards, and really anxious to get these listed on my Etsy shop!  You'll find these in the d b c H O L I D A Y section!


The Tote Trove said...

These are really nice. I especially like the ribbons. And I think all of us bloggers are guilty of the sin of pride, just by, well, having blogs :)

Cassandra Watsham said...

Guilty as charged. :)

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