Friday, November 6, 2009

'Bead People' Accessories

You know when you get started on a project that get you hooked?  Like, really, really in love with an idea, you just want to milk it for all you can get?  Well, that first custom order I got for the holidays had me going on an idea that just couldn't quit - bead people!

I had made one for myself to wear as a necklace, and a few more as key fobs, and two more that require more 'surgery'.  Check 'em out!

Bead People necklace


Bead People key fobs

These two are still on the 'waiting list' for 'donor parts', so to speak.  I've got a little more diving to do into my stash.

This little project is also a great way to use up those oddly shaped beads you may have in your stash and you have no idea what to do with them.  I have quite a number of these kinds of beads myself that I was considering donating, trading or destashing on my Etsy shop, and now seeing them with a fresh new project in mind has reinstated their 'value' amongst my most treasured.

So I guess you could say, 'a beader's trash is another project's treasure!'

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