Monday, February 1, 2010

The Art Of 'Lost'

If you've previously tuned in, I was trying to keep up with the reveal process of the commemorative art to introduce the final season of Lost.  Many things fell by the wayside, as well as the politics of availability of these prints.  (Nick and I had found a chat forum full of 'art snobs', declaring how these posters had 'no artistic merit' and how they couldn't understand why their favourite artists would participate in something so base.)

That being said, all 16 prints have been revealed, and here's a full spread of the 'watercooler moments' that made up some of the most fondest memories of our favourite castaways.

Tim Doyle, The Numbers

Olly Moss, Locke's Secret

Methane Studios, The Dharma Van

Eric Tan, The Crash

Leia Bell, The Love Triangle

Jason Munn, The 4-toed Statue

Ken Taylor, The Smoke Monster

Kevin Tong, The Hatch

Dan McCarthy, Rousseau's Transmission

Rob Jones, The Swan Station

Drew Millward, Walt's Kidnapping

Daniel Danger, Jacob's Cabin

Nate Duval, The Barracks

Todd Slater, Ben Linus

Jay Ryan, The Polar Bear

Tyler Stout, LOST

To those who managed to get their hands on some of these prints - lucky you!  Here's crossing our fingers these'll be made available again!

1 comment:

Cari said...

I love LOST. Loved the prints.

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