Saturday, February 20, 2010

Every Day Is Valentines Day!

I was a little late this year with my Valentine picks on Etsy, but why is the celebration of the display of affection limited to one day?  Every day is Valentine's Day!  Diamonds, flowers and the iconic heart-shaped box o' chocolates can get a man out of the doghouse any day of the year, but what about that unique way to say 'I love you'?  Say it with handmade!  I've scoured Etsy for some awesome handmade stuff that'll show some true, thoughtful love!

Secret Decoder Valentine card,

vintage copy of Joan of Arc by Mark Twain,

Candy Bird Peppermint, 

Pixie Hat in Black Cherry,

Bella necklace,

Doki Doki Robot Love pocket mirror,

imported French chocolate-covered strawberries, 

Redwood Lovers Hoot Owl - Humboldt, plush owl with hidden pocket, 

Yuzu Yum All-In-One Sugar Scrub Soap,

You really can't say it better than with a gift made just for your loved one.  Check out Etsy for gifts for any occasion, and don't forget to start with my shop at!

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