Saturday, February 20, 2010

Haiti: A Nation In Need, A Nation Of Miracles

The earthquake that had hit this impoverished nation about a month ago had changed the lives of these people forever, with a society in ruins, death at every corner, missing family and loved ones yet to be found.  Food is scarce, water is depleted, shelter questionable, with the country still threatened with powerful aftershocks.  No matter how much help is sent, it doesn't seem to get to them fast enough, with nearly 3 million people displaced and in need of the most basic qualities of life.

We hear of devastation and death, we hear of panic and despair, but we also hear of miracles.  Survivors are still being found among the ruins, singing praises to the heavens, smiling happily at their rescuers.  Nations from all over the world toss rubble aside in hopes to find more survivors; the sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives of those who still hope.

Haiti is still in need, and the rebuilding efforts will be colossal.  Backed with a global effort made up of charitable organizations and international governments, it is a combined goal that Haiti will become a nation that will be able to restore its envisioned glory, its culture and society intact and stronger than ever.

Below are a collection of images that have marked poignant emotional and public moments of the tragedy and triumphs of the Haitian people.  If you would like to help, donate now to World Vision Canada, and the Canadian government will match your donation.

Images found using Google search.

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