Thursday, February 25, 2010

High Fashion Thursday, Issue #6: Alexander McQueen, 1969-2010

I am still reeling over the death of fashion's most expressive, experimental, sensual and provocative designers, Alexander McQueen.  His work as head designer at Givenchy for five years lead him to the founding of his own forward-thinking designs known to be "unconventional" and full of "shock tactic".  Despite the unconvention of his clothing, he has been worn by many iconic women such as Bjork, Rihanna, and most recently Lady Gaga in her recent music video, Bad Romance.  He had won the prestigious British Designer of the Year four times, whilst leading one of the most successful and recognizable brands of couture fashion.

We can look forward to Paris Fashion Week with the unveiling of the latest Alexander McQueen collection, which will continue in the spirit of its founder and his vision.  Take a look at these pieces from some of his most memorable collections, and watch the runway shows by clicking below the pictures.  Content of most Alexander McQueen runway shows display mature content and may not be safe for work or appropriate for some younger viewers.  Viewer discretion is advised.

Plato's Atlantis, Spring/Summer 2010.  Click here to watch the runway show.

The Horn of Plenty, Fall/Winter 2009.  Click here to watch the runway show.

 La Dame Bleue, Spring/Summer 2008.  Click here to watch the runway show.

Sarabande, Spring/Summer 2007.  Click here to watch the runway show.

The Widows of Culloden, Fall/Winter 2006.  Click here to watch the runway show.

To view more of Alexander McQueen's masterworks of cloth, visit his official website at

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