Monday, October 25, 2010

Etsy Monday! Issue #10: It's My Birthday!

Well, I turned the big 3-0 today!  Lots of jokes to be had from my parents and friends about 'getting older', the little anxieties I feel about exiting my 20s, now at a crossroads of where I want to be, who I want to be, and how I want to get there.  Karen, one of my best friends in dear life, had asked me yesterday how it feels to turn 30; I told her I'm not too panicked about it anymore, because I realized that I had my 20s to figure everything out!

For those at the precipice, consider how you've changed over the years - your taste in music, your personal style, your philosophy in life, and so many other things rattling around in your brain.  Turning 30 feels awesome, because I feel like I know myself a heck of a lot better!

So, just because an 'older and wiser' mentality has kicked in, doesn't mean I need to break out the Dr. Scholl's any time soon!  (Although, I do admit that their insoles are incredible!)  'Grown-up' fashion for a new me is just around the corner - here are some of my most favourite shops that'll be seeing some of my 'birthday money' real soon!
Anne-Marie - Minkie or Minx to friends - has been creating clothes since she taught herself how to sew in college.  Her goal in her designs is to "create clothes that are interesting and unique, but also comfortable and wearable on a day to day basis [sic]."  Whether it's casual with a pair of jeans and flats or dressing up with a pair of patterned tights and heels, 'Minx's' shop is full of versatile pieces inspired by "vintage pieces, nature and by my constant forays into the world of fashion." Her creations are in limited quantities, so if you see something - grab it fast!  Follow Minxshop on Facebook and on their blog for more updates and sneak peeks at new pieces.

Entomologist Field Dress
Navy Blue Nautical Shirt
Dire Situations Skirt
Jersey Shirt with Leaf Applique
Whimsically Indulgent Tunic
Oh, I've had my eye on this shop for quite some time.  The lingerie in this shop looks so comfortable to wear!  I would imagine, since Sandmaiden Sleepwear only uses the finest organic cotton and natural fibers with an incredible colour selection!  Born out of frustration from trying to "fill the hole in the wardrobe" - the perfect pj - Sandmaiden offers "a collection of sleep and loungewear to assist the rest of yous into dreamland... [sic]."  You can visit their other shop, Sandmaiden: Made To Measure, for handsewn knitwear in Merino wool and natural fibers, and sign up on Facebook for a sneak peek at new fabric swatches, designs and more surprises!

Ruffled Chemise with Plunging Backline
Elasticized Bandeau Bikini Bralette, High-Rise French Knickers with Flounce
Lace Cup Camisole, Lace-Trimmed Panty
Draped Hemline Chemise
Hankerchief Linen Soft Bralette, Hankerchief Linen Boxer Short with Lace Trim

Lorena has had some incredible success on Etsy since opening her shop in November 2008.  Her Featured Seller interview on Etsy gives some wonderful background to her art and success, only finding her niche in this funky embroidery line after revamping her shop and product line a few times.  Her pieces have a sense of humour with a certain je ne sais quois in class and sophistication.  I've always loved statement pieces that speak volumes, and these pieces of art will say something different to everyone.  Follow Lorena's work on Twitter, Flickr and her Tumblr blog for sneak peek on current projects and behind-the-scene work!

FUN FACT: Lorena's shop name is marañón, the Spanish name for a fruit, also known as a cashew apple.  She and her grandmother are "avid lovers of its taste".  Her grandmother claims it is her favourite fruit because it displays every colour visible to the human eye during its developmental stage.  Lorena's been a trusting granddaughter and has taken her word for it, although she's never witnessed this little miracle herself.  What an appropriate name for such a 'spectrum' of work!

Basic Geometry necklace
Pastels Brace
Tribal Knot necklace
Gingkos earrings
Batman necklace
Have a great day, everybody - I know I will!

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amanda boyd said...

thank you! and happy birthday!

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