Monday, October 4, 2010

Etsy Monday! Issue #7: The Art of Paper

Paper's an everyday thing we take for granted.  We print documents, write messages, read stories, finish the week's crossword on it.  If you stroll through Etsy, you'll find a lot more inventive ways paper has been used - and it's certainly not something you'll see every day!  Take a look at this week's Etsy Monday! featured sellers for some great examples of 'paper art'!
Devi has come a long way from making Christmas ornaments as a child from empty bottles and candy wrappers!  Living in Chennai, India with supportive parents in her artistic endeavours - and never complaining about an artistic mess in the house their daughter made - she graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, and lives every artists' dream of living the creative life.  Devi makes jewelry that passes on the happiness of its creation to the wearer, almost entirely out of recycled and repurposed materials.  "My grandma used to tell me that anything that is preserved and unused will find a use in twelve years," Devi says on her profile page.  "This has really worked for me!"  You can sign up for Devi's newsletter for new items and special discounts here!

Dragonfly Paper Bead earrings, mint green and deep brown

Eco-friendly Hemp earrings with white spiral pattern
Moonlight Theme Mini Ruffle Paper Bead necklace
Striped Recycled Paper earrings
Colorful Juice Straw necklace
Kirigami is the Japanese form of origami that includes cutting the paper, as supposed to traditional origami that requires folding.  Your kids are probably more familiar with this particular art, especially in the form of pop-up books!  This handy shop sells DIY kits to make your own pop-up card in the tradition of this Japanese art.  Imagine their faces when they open these cards!

Kirigami Chinese Dragon Pop-Up Card, DIY Kit
Kirigami Pipers Pop-Up Card, DIY Kit
Kirigami T-Rex Bobblehead Pop-Up Card, DIY Kit
Kirigami Owl Pop-Up Card, DIY Kit
Kirigami Bunraku Geisha Puppet, DIY Kit

My recent obsession with paper garlands had led me to this shop, where I had found these elegant pieces.  Collecting hymnal books and antique literature through the years, Kristina has repurposed and reimagined these pages into these colourful strands of happiness and whimsy.  Her customers have used these beautiful decorations in weddings, birthdays and other special occasions, surely adding a special detail to the day.

'Down On The Farm' Children's Book, circa 1930 recycled garland - Limited Edition
Birds Sewn for an October Wedding - Custom Order
Vintage Children's Book recycled garland, 'Grand Papa & Ellen Aroon' - Limited Edition
Recycled Hymnal Paper Garland
Slate / Pearl Grey / Teal / Coral Paper Garlands, 10 ft. each

See paper in a new light and a new dimension!  Be sure to check out more Etsy paper goodies!

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Hippie Kingdom said...

Wow Great Post! Loving both Pop-Up Card Making and Kristina Marie! Feels great to be here! Thank you so much :)

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