Monday, October 11, 2010

Etsy Monday! Issue #8: Puppy Love

My dog is the cutest dog ever.  Alright, I'm biased, but it's true.  I'm sure your dog's adorable and whatnot, but my dog is the cutest in the whole wide world.  Don't believe me?  She's right here.  Take a look!

Yep, pretty cute, right?  Well, a dog like that deserves only the finest of treats and toys and a nice warm sweater to cuddle in!  When I wanna get something unique for my one-of-a-kind Shiva, here's a few folks on Etsy that I'll turn to!
AnneMarie Minardi and Gillian Ward started Rover in the fall of 2007 as a functional departure from the saturation of frills, sequins, satin bows and poorly-executioned garments for pets.  AnneMarie wanted her puppy, Ella, to not only look fashionable, but practical.  With garments and accessories to accommodate six different sizes of dogs "from the very small to the very big", as well as a custom service to fit those dogs in between.  I'm wondering if they'll make me and Shiva matching jackets!

The Grandstand Dress

The Jetty Bathing Dress
The Rover Necktie, The Clubshirt (sold separately)
The Rover Pointed Collar
The Skipper Peacoat
These dog treats look mighty delicious!  Allie understands the pet owner's anxieties at times when it comes to what's in your pets' food.  Made from fresh and organic local ingredients, she has used these treats as training rewards for her own dogs - with lots of success!  I wonder if Shiva would like chocolate chip or peanut butter best ...

Carob Crunch Dog Cookies
SuperStar Peanut Crunch
Upcycled T-Shirt Tug Toy
Sweet Yam Autumn Harvest Pup Cake
Carrot-Turmeric Dog Treats
Natalie Fontane's love for her dearly-missed ferret, Bartleby, inspired her to open Scrivener's Retreat, a shop full of fun toys for small pets!  Sewing herself since she was eight years old, her shop is full of whimsical little characters from the geeky to the adorable - perfect for your little friend!  Now, I wonder what colour penguin Shiva would find most delicious ...

Large Blue Colourful Penguin Stuffed Animal Toy
Large Cancer Support Cardinal Stuffed Toy
Chocolate Sable Ferret Stuffed Animal Toy
Cajun Crawfish Plush Pet Teaser Toy
Chicken Leg Stuffed Meat Pet Toy With Squeaker

Yep, this puppy is definitely spoiled.  Spoil your little buddy today with these shops, as well as this Treasury I've made for more treats for your puppy!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the blog feature. I'm glad you find my toys so lovable.


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