Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bead Soup a la Gorgeous!

My Bead Soup Blog Partner, Sue at Hello Gorgeous, has been a loving daughter and attending to her father's ailing health as of late, which you may have been following on her blog.  I am sending lots of love into the universe for Mr. Hodgkinson and that his health returns and his recovery is speedy.  Sue, you are a wonderful lady for taking good care of your parents, and we all wish you and your family health and happiness, no matter what the future brings.

With all the attention she's been showering on this dear man, she's finally had the time to photograph the ingredients I had sent her for the Bead Soup Blog Party!  I spent quite a bit of time in my favourite local gemstone bead store, Earthworks, handling beads, trying to figure out a palate that would excite her and challenge her.  Sue had written that she was considering venturing outside of her usual repertoire of summery colours, sterling silver and gemstones.  Although I stuck to gemstones - because gemstones are just so gorgeous! - I thought I would try a different approach to the colour scheme ... or lack thereof!

Here's what's in the soup!
  • black onyx and crystal quartz chips
  • zebra agate rounds and focal bead
  • white freshwater pearls
  • silver triangle spacer beads
  • 'kitty clasp'
The stripes in the focal bead ultimately lead to the purchase of the clasp ... my childhood cat, Thumper, was a beautiful gray-and-black tabby, and the focal bead reminded me of him very much.  The freshwater pearls and chips came from my very own stash, and the zebra agate gemstones, silver spacers and 'kitty clasp' came from Earthworks.  I'm interested to see if Sue will feature other colours or keep the 'black and white' theme going!

And since it's our first Bead Soup Blog Party, why not make this first experience a more enjoyable one?  I had sent her a little extra, just in case she was reeeeaaallllly hungry!

A few special ingredients!
  • amethyst donut
  • turquoise and white-striped lampwork glass, handmade by a local artisan
  • milky pink glass teardrops
  • spacer beads in turquoise and purple
  • flower detail s-hook clasp
  • sparrow charm
  • silver-plated chain
  • reclaimed pieces: locket pendant, charms from a vintage San Marino and Paris souvenier bracelets, a cameo charm and silver leaf charm from earrings that lost their mates
A good part of this soup came from my own stash, and there are a few common pieces we'll have between our two Bead Soup creations! 

I can't wait for Saturday!  Sue will certainly be hard at work, and I have a few more to do myself!  Check out the BEAD SOUP! page of my blog for Party updates and how you can check out the blogs around the world participating on February 26th's big reveal!

photos courtesy of Hello Gorgeous Design

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Pretty Things said...

Can't wait to see it all tomorrow!

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