Sunday, February 6, 2011

Orange Daisy Necklace With Interchangeable Pendant!

A fellow Shout! cast member, Liz, had asked me to fix a broken necklace for her.  The original pendant to this ribbon necklace had broken, and had found a great complement with the daisy pendants in the 'character bead kit' I had given her earlier!  Remember these beauties?

Liz's 'orange bead kit' had three daisy pendants in all, two of them with the same orange-and-green colour scheme.  She couldn't decide which pendant she wanted to have on the necklace, so I figure I give her the option of both!

I had attached a lobster clasp to the flower-detailed bail and jump rings to each of the pendants, making it easy to change pendants at a whim.  Let the pendant collection begin!

The green flecks match the ribbon quite nicely.  The whole look has a great hippie feel to it - a fantastic necklace to wear to get into the swing of things during rehearsal!  I'll hopefully snap a picture of Liz sporting this necklace very soon!


BusyLizzy said...

You have doubled my joy from this necklace, Cassandra! And then some!

I purchased the original item (sporting a simple transparent green heart with golden flecks inside)from a friend in support of her fund-raising efforts for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer. I felt great wearing it because I appreciated the cause that it supported, and it was always a conversation piece. I was quite disappointed when the pendant broke and I couldn't wear it.
Now it has added personal meaning as a part of the inspiration for Orange Girl, and it was fixed with care and enhanced. Given a second chance, if you will, as all those battling Cancer deserve! Thank you! Jewelry for Fresh Flowers said...

Hey Cassandra, nice designs, check out Fleurings jewelry which allows you to hold fresh living daisies and water. :) They are online here

Hope you love them!

Rembrandt Charms said...

Beautiful color vibrant and attractive ... jewelry in various styles entice the eye.The pendants would be moving along with the neck which is going to make them look very cute.

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