Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making the "Big Move"

Well, it's been in the works for quite some time (at least, in my head, on paper and through strategic planning), and now it's finally come to fruition.  There's a time in everyone's life where it becomes a - pardon my French - a "shit or get off the pot" moment, and I've finally hit it.  At the wise, yet tender age of 30 and still blessed with youthful genes, stars are beginning to align, directing me in a path that had been in front of me all along.  For some reason, I had been rebuffing and fighting this road, refusing to acknowledge it and what possible accomplishments I could achieve.  I could really try, it wouldn't be that terrible, and I would be a better person just for trying.

I'm not going to jinx it and tell you, but I'll at least let you know that I've decided to take back a part of my life that seems to be destined for something great, and most importantly, attainable ... at least now, in my current mood, I'm feeling positive about it.  (You should have seen me earlier today, you'd think you were talking to a different person!

This all still scares me, though.  Ultimately, I don't know what will happen.  I have an idea of what I will be doing, what I want to do - "Get a plan, and make it work," my father always says to me.  Well, I've got a plan, so far.  Let's see how well this works.


hello gorgeous said...

ooo, am intrigued! I have my fingers crossed for you gorgeous...stay positive and fixed on the plan ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Courtney said...

sounds wonderful! can't wait to see how it all plays out.

The Tote Trove said...

Wow. That's compelling stuff. I'll have to check back to find out more.

I haven't been on your blog for awhile and love the new design. Very clean and reader-friendly.

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