Monday, February 7, 2011

Design by Cassandra's Hitting the Stage!

Not only am I part of the cast of this swingin' number, I'll also be designing some groovy accessories for Shout! The Mod Musical!

The script has a specific costume and accessory list for each character, which is very handy.  While cast and crew have haunted local thrift stores for '60's and '70's fashions, I've started designing some "smashing" pieces for the cast!

Liz's character, the Orange Girl, has a little infusion of purple in her costume.  One piece of jewelry called for a string of purple pearls, and struck some luck with these glass beads with a pearl-like glow.  I've still yet to size the necklace for Liz, and then will be attaching a magnet clasp for easy costume changes - no one wants to mess with a lobster clasp in the dark, nor have your necklace fall into your costume, especially during choreography!

The first few accessories for the Yellow Girl, played by Abi, simply called for a black and white bracelet and necklace.  I wanted to add a unique colour infusion without looking too 'bumblebee' about it - I think it turned out well!  The bracelet (top) is strung on Memory Wire, making it an easy one-size-fits-all piece.  The earrings (bottom) feature vintage yellow lucite beads, and I'll be adding clip-on components for easy costume changes.  The necklace (middle) also will be sized to Abi, and finished with a magnet clasp for a secure on-and-off change operation.

I've got more work to do!  I'll be on the lookout for more colourful inspiration for the other Shout! girls!

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