Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FanBoy, FanGirl ... FanDog?

If you've been strolling Facebook lately, you may have seen this photo.  Fanboys and girls with pets, beware!

The ATAT Puppy.  Oh yeah.

I gotta admit that the 'fangirl' side goes a little crazy over stuff like this.  I was raised on Star Wars and wanted to be Indiana Jones when I grew up.   My boyfriend and I have action figures and comic books galore between the two of us, and we keep collection on occasion when a really awesome find comes our way.

This one is pretty awesome, but I'm not too sure it'll go over well with our toy-breed chihuahua, Shiva.  Besides, I'm not entirely sure we can get something that small.  And Shiva's a "chewer".

How 'bout your pets?  Do they have costumes planned, or are they just gonna chew it up on you? 

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