Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New blog 'everything'.

So, you'll notice some changes around here since you may have been here last.  Lemme help you out.

The top row of buttons will lead you to the 'meat n' potatoes' of the blog.
  • Home speaks for itself.
  • About will have a little 'hello!' from me sooner or later.  (I hate typing those things, but I'll get it done.)
  • Press are mentions from fellow bloggers and other media mentions about my work here.
  • Jewellery is everything I've made personally.
  • will lead you to every post, including my written portfolio on the pieces I've made with their products.  You can find my Portfolio by pressing the button on the left column under 'Jewellery Portfolios'.
  • Bead Soup will lead you to every post about the Bead Soup Blog Party pieces and the creative process.  You can see the entire portfolio, the button just below the button.
  • High Fashion is my guilty pleasure of well-made, expensive clothes and couture, with a few other nice surprises thrown in.
  • Gonna Wear ... is right outta my closet as I make the most of what I have.
  • Photography will lead you not only to my own work but to the work of friends and colleagues in the art.  Portfolios coming soon.
  • Crafty! is the miscellaneous stuff I like to do with my hands and anything else that might be inspiring, whimsical or compelling.
I'll be adding a few more features, but keeping it simple.  I'll have a few more portfolios up, a new button or two to grab for your own blog, let's see what happens.  I know I get dizzy looking at a flash-crazed website.  Let me know how you like it!

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