Sunday, October 9, 2011

"You're in my light, Sticks."

:: knock-off Chanel black sunglasses, discount store purchase :: navy blue H&M knit shirtdress, thrifted :: black tie belt from my kimono nightgown :: black-and-white animal print flats with espadrille detail, Stitches Outlet :: chunky black statement necklace, Claires :: Frederick Harris Music Company canvas bag full of doggy stuff for the walk ::

I like a lot of my clothes, so I'm gonna blog about some of the cool and versatile stuff in my closet over the next little while.  I've been complimented many times for looking so 'put together', and I consider what I put together.  If you're gonna ask me what the style is, you're gonna pidgeon-hole me, but I try to put together an 'effortless cool' with a combination of draping and slim fits, depending on how I feel that day.  This day was the last day of what I could take advantage of acceptable short skirt weather.

I snagged this amazing H&M knit shirtdress from my local Value Village a little while ago and had always worn it 'safe' with pants or tights underneath.  Today marks the first day I've actually worn it as a dress - but I still put shorts on underneath, just because I'm modest.

I love the 'spoken rules' of colour coordination - no red-pink, no black-blue or black-brown.  Bah.  The navy blue in the shirtdress is dark enough to throw a few black touches in.  The chunky black necklace is a puzzle of chunks and slivers of rounded plastic tubes.  It's very eclectic-looking.  The original tiebelt didn't come with the shirtdress when I bought it.  (How do I know?  There are small threaded loops on the waist.)  I snagged my tie from my kimono housecoat and it turned out perfectly.  I threw on some comfortable, yet eye-catching flats with an animal print.  Not bad.

We're on our way out with Shiva to meet our friend, Dave, to talk about the new short film he's finished shooting and getting Nick involved in the scoring process.  It's a great opportunity for him to get into a new realm with his music!  Dave's also a good friend of the family - he's lived across the street from me since high school! 

Destination - Dairy Queen just down the street on a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend.  Strap up the puppy and head out for a Blizzard and conversation!  It's great to have the time to catch up with friends and hear about their latest projects and what's keeping them busy.  Dave's got lots more coming up - he's a man full of great ideas.  Hopefully we'll get a chance to work with him in future productions!

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