Sunday, August 16, 2009

Etsy Monday! Issue #2

Welcome to your second edition of Etsy Monday!

Fellow Etsians, we gather together to present our unique, handmade goods to the wide world, in hopes that there is a soul out there who will claim it and give your precious treasure a wonderful home, where it will be loved, appreciated, and cherished. Even so, do we not hope to receive such gifts with such flare and fervour, without flash or showness, but rather something that there is but only one of in this entire world? Or something that has been created out of the joy of creation? Take heed, my friends! Read on about these noble artisans who toil their hands for such happiness in the freedom of their work! Read on, I say, read on, and lest you find them on Twitter, take notice and 'retweet'!

Oh, but do you desire these treasures for yourselves? Can you picture a loved one's face glow at the unveiling of your special gift? Click on its portrait and don't haste! It will take you to its Etsy home, and make your purchase!
DeShawn Marie hails from Boston, MA, and she's been making vegan handmade soaps, candles, creams, oils, gifts and favours for over 12 years now. "It's my full-time job, and I love it. I couldn't picture doing anything else," she says on her Etsy site. Her official website is full of goodies and interesting facts and the history of soapmaking. For example: 'soap' got its name, according to Roman legend, from Mount Sapo, where animal sacrifices were made. Rain would wash a mixture of melted animal fat (or tallow) and wood ashes along the clay banks of the Tiber River. The women who washed their clothes in this river found the mixture helped get their clothes cleaner with half the effort! The ancient Germans and Gauls credit the invention of soap that helped tint their hair red. I learned something new today! DeShawn Marie collects ingredients from around the world, "such as the Hawaiian Island and the Amalfi Coast of Italy", and makes beautiful concoctions she safely holds close to her chest. She's also credited for her original creation, 'handrolled soaps', her very own design you won't find anywhere else.

Other shop news: DeShawn Marie can also do your wedding! Soaps for your bridesmaids, candles for the ceremony and reception, and party favours - take a look here!

Latest tweet: @deshawnmarie Are you cuckoo for coconuts? Visit my handmade coconut milk soap blog at

Eucalyptus oil and coconut milk glycerin soap,

Sandalwood Forest handrolled soap - coconut milk, sandalwood and herbs,

By the Sea vegan soap - sea salt, kelp, bayberry oil,

Lavender Cloud handrolled soap - coconut milk, dried lavender, lavender oil,

Creamy Cucumber soap - coconut milk, cucumber, mint leaves,

each purchase wrapped, ready for gift-giving!
Heather Davis lives a double life: she works public relations by day, and her creative juices flow at night. She started by doing pencil sketches as gifts for friends, and carried on to other endeavours after a sewing machine purchase on Ebay. Although she found doing the 'street market' circuit 'exhausting' (and we can all sympathize!), she still manages to find time to do what she enjoys - creating unique pieces that are "great for you, great for gifts!" Unique purses, jewelry and scarves, it's a wonder why we buy designer labels, when you can buy one of Heather's beautifully handcrafted purses and be truly unique!

Other shop news: Relatively new to, she's off to a great start with Pink and White Design, and even opened another shop called "Circle of Friends", featuring gorgeous and affordable necklaces ($10 each!), each with three beautiful beads representing the most important aspects: LOVE, FRIENDSHIP and SUPPORT. (They even come gift-wrapped!) Take a look for my favourite below!

Latest tweet: @PinkandWhite67 Another bag done! Glad that the weekend is here and I can SEW SEW SEW! :D

Golden Faux Leather bag,

Wood, coral and metal necklace,

Light blue and green bag,

Turquoise and silver earrings,

Natural Woman necklace,

your "Circle of Friends" necklace will come to you gift-wrapped!
Lisa Lutz is from Kelowna, BC (that's Canada!) and started at 8 years old when her grandmother taught her how to sew clothes for her Barbie dolls. Her family wasn't surprised that today she's making a living doing her own designs for full-size Barbies like you and me! She's taken classes in Artclay silver and metalsmithing, is a member of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB) and is a Self-Representing Artist (SRA) member. She took up lampwork bead making in search for "the perfect bead", and now makes them! Working as a Med Lab Tech in Microbiology by day must surely be her inspiration behind some of her beadwork! Lisa's got a great extended family ("4 amazing daughters, 3 terrific step-kids [sic]," her husband and dog) who are very supportive of her work as a glass artist!

Other shop news: Purchase from her Etsy shop during the month of August and she'll include a free lampwork bead!

Latest tweet: @beadcrazed New Black and White case you don't finish the whole bottle! #etsy

Plum Crazy - handmade lampwork and sterling silver earrings,

Key Lime Pie - green howlite and sterling silver bracelet,

Day at the Beach - handmade lampwork and sterling silver necklace,

Splish Splash - Pandora-style handmade lampwork glass bead,

Fall Maple - handmade lampwork focal bead keyring,

where Lisa makes her 'small works of art'

Go forth, my friends, and spread the news! Peruse the issues of Ye Ol' Etsy Monday, and find pleasure in treasures found! Succumb to the 'Late Night Friday Covets' revealed in the ungodly hours of the greatest day of all! Uphold the pledge to buy handmade and bestow these gifts amongst your friends! Show that they are loved and cherished, and are worthy of a gift so unique as their own precious heart. Is that not how we say "I love you?" Say it with handmade!

And I highly recommend that you visit my goods and wares! You are always welcome, and welcome to return! Please make your presence known at!


Lisa Lutz said...

Hi Cassandra,
Thanks so much for featuring me in your fabulous Blog! I am honored to be included in such great company!!

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