Tuesday, August 18, 2009

MORE Fun Window Merchandising!

To recap, I work at Long & McQuade Musical Instruments where I have a helluva great time doing something that I do well - merchandising! We've got a glorious bay window that gives plenty to the imagination. If you got a chance to check out these window displays I made at work, you'll certainly get a kick out of these!

July: Camping Essentials Everybody at work was talking about camping trips that they've been planning; big bunch of friends going to a cottage, couples retreating for the weekend together, big bonfire parties out in the 'boonies'. Well, what can you put in each of these circumstances to make more fun of your vacation? A musical instrument! I focused on travel-friendly instruments, stuff you wouldn't feel too bad about if it got a little road-worn, and we're not talking the gig-type 'road-worn'. Thanks to my parents for letting us use the tent for the month! Featured gear: Martin Backpacker guitar, Gibson J45 acoustic guitar, Yamaha APX ele/acoustic guitar, Traynor TVM10 battery-powered amplifier, maple Harpsicle, LP cajon, African djembes, Inferno effects light (for campfire), various hand percussion instruments.

August: Music Class Well, September is right around the corner. Parents are out shopping for school supplies, new clothes, backpacks ... wait, I think you might be forgetting something. Your honour roll student is gonna be a 'little Mozart'! So, we've stocked up for the musicians-to-be with boxes upon boxes upon boxes upon boxes of student model concert band instruments - only the best and affordable! Featured gear: student models from Yamaha- flute, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, clarinet; and student models from Jupiter- trumpet, flute, and clarinet. All student models.

I'm planning ahead for Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is the showstopper! I could always use some suggestions. Please feel free to leave some ideas!

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