Sunday, August 23, 2009

MIAC/PAL 2009!

It's that time of year again! The MIAC and PAL trade shows at the International Centre, August 23rd and 24th! Everything you need to know about the latest technology in the music and pro-audio industry today. As my daily disguise as a sales associate as Long & McQuade Brampton, it's imperative for me to know about the latest news in the business. This year, MIAC is 130,000 square feet chocked full of "the latest guitars, basses, stringed, percussion and wind instruments, sheet music, and music publications" from "the most reputable manufacturers, distributors, and industry suppliers."

On the PAL side of things, they're brimming with "the latest technologies and emerging trends in professional audio, video and lighting equipment" to better suit fast-growing expectations of a demanding market.

With the declining market recently, MIAC/PAL wanted to focus on economic success when the market starts a rebound, and even tips on what a business can do to take advantage of the downturn. Numerous seminars and luncheon meetings were made available to industry workers and associates.

Nick, Graham and I made our visit, bumping into fellow co-workers, a few familiar (and famous!) faces, and walking out with some pretty cool swag! Take a look at some pictures below! I also have some videos of impromptu performances and jams, so I'll try to upload those later.

Indie Guitars booth

Hughes & Kettner Tristamp MK II amplifier head, Yorkville Sound booth

headstock of the Gibson Dark Fire, one of the year's sought-after guitars, Yorkville booth
some interesting guitar art featured at the MIAC show

the Yamaha booth

we found Athol Baker, fellow sales associate, Bass and Keyboards!

look who else we found! Ian Thornley!

Harpsicle Harps booth

Harpsicle Harps booth

Ibanez Steve Vai Jem guitar, Efkay booth

Ibanez Xiophos guitar, Efkay booth

L&M Brampton: the gang's all here! Davaki (Rentals dept.) and Charlie (store manager) ...

... and there's Graham and Ricky! (Electric Guitars dept.)

some more familiar faces! Glory St. Germain of Ultimate Music Theory
and Nikki Loney of The Full Voice Workbook Series! Read about their visit to our store!

Nick found ProMark's new drumstick line ...

... probably more suited for the 'big and tall' players, right, Athol?

Did anyone else get a chance to make it?

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