Friday, August 28, 2009

Late Night Friday Covets: Issue #4

Welcome to another edition of your Late Night Friday Covets!

I know as a musician, I can appreciate a well-written, catchy song.  When it comes on the radio while I'm in the car or vacuuming my bedroom, I'll crank it and sing along.  (Dancing sometimes does come into play, but not while driving - it's not safe!  A vacuum makes a much better dance partner than a telephone pole.)  The 'id' part of my musician, while singing along and rockin' out, as the kids say, wishes I wrote that song.  Well, it can happen for us artisans, too, don't it?  We see a fantastic piece that is incredibly thought-provoking, colours we didn't expect blending fluidly, shapes and lines in angles you didn't see the first time, or even ideas for 'upcycling' stuff like old jewelry, fabrics, household items and electronics, and more!  "Why didn't I think of that?  It looks so well-put-together!" I'd say to myself.

And I'm glad I didn't think of it first, because I like yours better.  Here's this week's wishlist!

Dragonfly Wing ring in 18 karat gold,

  Summer Leather obi corset belt in black and gold,

small tree earring display, 

     The Birds sheer vintage '80s dress,

  hollow book safe, 

Set Free earrings,

Hearts for Aida necklace,

Persephone, Goddess of Spring photograph collage, 

Stay tuned every Friday while I add to my covet list, and don't forget to go to to add to your own!

1 comment:

Jesse Danger said...

Thanks so much for including my ring! A very compelling blog.

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