Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lost: 'Locke's Secret' Revealed!

To continue with the Ronie Midfew/Paul Scheer cooperative effort to bring Lost fans their due thanks,  another poster was revealed at another function for limited purchase ... unfortunately, at this time, is sold out.  With the subject matter, I can certainly see why!

Olly Moss for 'Locke's Secret'

Here's what the project is all about:
"In celebration of LOST's final season and as a project of fan appreciation, 16 top designers and artists, who are also fans of the show, were commissioned to create artwork celebrating one of the series' most memorable, and unforgettable, "water cooler" moments. This ultimate "fan art" was then turned into labor intensive, hand-pulled screen prints, limited to an edition of just 300, with less than 200 available to the public through our websites. Each beautiful poster tells its own different story, allowing the fan to relive memorable and influential moments in an artistic manner, as the show's storied run comes to a close. Once this limited edition print has sold out, they will never be printed again. Celebrate the fandom, community and family created by one of televisions' greatest shows by hanging a little part of it's history, inspiration and influence on your wall."

What was the function, you ask?  Well, ask Johnny Cupcakes:


"I would rather have a strong brand filled with knowledgeable customers who truly enjoy and appreciate what I've created instead of making a quick buck trying to get my shirts in chain stores across the world - being just another fad," Johnny says of his way-cool urban culture products.  T-shirts and sweaters, bikinis and hoodies, jewelry and accessories, and a whole bunch of awesome products from his multi-million dollar line!  (Check out my blog about Johnny Cupcakes here!)
Having the reputation with his business (600 people, as far as Toronto, Canada, came to his shop opening on "Boston's Rodeo Drive", Newbury Street, in 2006!) and his philosophy on his products and customers, the folks behind the Lost chose his fine and outstanding business to host viral marketing giveaway!  Posted the flyer above on, and so as long as you tell Johnny that 'Horace sent you', you'll receive one of these!


Check these skate boards out!  Laser-engraved, and under 20 made!  Eight were given out at Johnny Cupcakes.  Now, what REALLY got me were the 'worn' spots on the board itself.  Check out a close-up view, courtesy of

Does anyone else spy the number '42' in the worn spot on the right?  Do some of these look closely like countries on a map?  Is there any way we can see the rest of the board??  Can you see anything else that I might have missed???

Even more important: wonder what happened to the rest of the boards, if they weren't all given out at Johnny Cupcakes?

Well, two art pieces down, fourteen to go.  And ... we have another reveal!  And another website, also engraved on the bottom of the board:

This gave me a chuckle, because it was one of my favourite scenes from the show, in the episode Not in Portland (Season 3), where Sawyer got put in his place by sixteen-year-old Alex.  He and Kate (once again!) are on the run after escaping the Others on Hydra Island.  They're trying to find a boat to get to their island, when Alex appears, slingshot in hand, saving the day and offers help by hiding them in a "tiger trap" hole.  The others pass them, undetected.
Sawyer: This a hobby of yours, Underdog - digging holes?
Alex: Yep. That and basket weaving.  Want one?
I still couldn't help but chuckle even when typing it!  This brings you to a site where you can (or could, rather) purchase the above art print!  In the meantime, no Lost viral marketing could leave us satisfied.  Why not leave us with something else that will rack our brain for another week?  It's like watching the show!  On, click on the third frame with our friend Paul Scheer. You'll then see they've left us with two more images that will surely leave some of us with nubby fingernails.  Luckily, I'm pretty sure I have the first one spelled out for you:


This one, I am confident to say, is announcing a 'reveal' of some sorts on the G4 cable show Attack of the Show!  A segment called 'DVDuesday', done every Tuesday, rates the newest releases on DVD in either 'rent' or 'buy' categories.  These legs belong to Kevin Perreira and Olivia Munn, the show's hosts.  My boyfriend's guess is that they're wearing some sort of Lost apparel.

My guess is that Johnny Cupcakes has designed some sort of t-shirt as the fourth piece of art to be revealed!

This is the next image:

Your guess is as good as mine.  I can't really make out any cupcakes or anything like that.  I'm really not too sure about this one.

Either way, my boyfriend and I are keeping an eye on things!
Now that I think about it, doesn't Hugo's chef patch look like a cupcake on top?

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