Friday, October 30, 2009

Handmade Christmas Ornaments!

It's a special Make n' Tell today, kids!  Yes, the holidays are upon us artisans!  And I've already finished some custom orders!

This custom order just finished is for my best friend's mum, Phyllis.  She had asked me to make her four Christmas tree ornaments, similar to the ornament that I had made for her last year. 

I called this ornament 'Carolers in the Snow'.  I fashioned these singers out of glass beads and a lot of jumprings individually attached.  (That was a lot of work.)  Faux pearl beads represent falling snow, a paper crane out of sheet music flies overhead.  This is all put on a lightweight chandelier earring frame.

This ornament, albeit I ended up with calluses after this one, was loads of fun to make, especially making the singers; experimenting with bead sizes, styles and colours to make 'outfits'.  I relished in the opportunity to make four more of these monsters.  The next few days were dedicated to furnishing these custom pieces for Phyllis to give to her family!

Carolers in the Snow, no. 2


Carolers in the Snow, no. 3


Carolers in the Snow, no. 4


Carolers in the Snow, no. 5


The best part about Christmas - well, for me - is the gift wrap part.  I love to dress up packages with bows, charms, beads, or whatever else will stay put.  Really, the reason why I dress up packages so is because I believe in presentation.  I'm excited for you to open the package and discover this handmade artisan piece for your own eyes, to turn it over with your hands and inspect every detail, for this to have a place on your mantle of your favourite things.  I believe decorative gift wrap says that you show the same excitement in your product, and that you take the time to add personal touches to everything you do.


I had found these felt cutout angels and stars at a local dollar store that I've intended to turn into decorative ornaments.  I snagged a couple of them from the stash to add onto the package, as well as some plastic star knitting markers from the same dollar store, coloured tissue paper and ribbon.  I had also added some metallic ribbed beads to the drawstrings of the organza bags.

I'll be opening shop on the holiday items on my Etsy shop once the Ms. Modern Favourites Sale ends, with holiday ornaments, gift wrap options and holiday jewelry to usher in the season with quirkiness!

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