Thursday, January 6, 2011

"Beatles For Sale" Guitar Pick Jewelry

Who doesn't love The Beatles?

Colourful images - lots of possibilities!
Those yellow crackle lucite beads are fantastic!
A thrift store find for a charm bracelet idea!

I'm very excited to have picked up these Beatles guitar picks from work to have some fun with, featuring some classic memorabilia and album art images.  Also in the mix, we've got a strand necklace of vintage lucite beads, a few thrift-find link chain necklaces and bracelets, and some random charms and and trinkets given to me by some friends.  Check out some of the results!

The iconic Apple Records logos stuck together to make these earrings, with a couple of small yellow crackle lucite beads dangling behind them.  The yellow beads and the green apple are great colours together!

I kept similar colours together to make an easy-going asymmetrical pair, featuring artwork from the albums Rubber Soul and, my personal favourite, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.  A 'twisted oval' orange lucite bead dangles with the yellow crackle bead behind the picks.  The gold chain and findings just makes the whole look a lot warmer!

Every element of this charm bracelet is repurposed!  Each guitar pick features iconic artwork from some of their important works over their career (Rubber Soul, Yellow Submarine, Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper).  The link bracelet itself, along with the brass flower and heart charms, were bought at a local thrift store.  The jade apple was given to me by a friend and coworker, along with a few other trinkets and whatnot that she thought I could put to good use.  The record charm came from a pair of earrings I owned and no longer wear (and a few other components from those earrings went to other projects and designs).  The faceted green glass stud came from a bracelet I had purchased at the CNE Arts & Crafts Building a few years ago.  It was a little too big; removing this small component from the bracelet made it a better fit, and it found a home in this bracelet.  I've worn this a few times with great compliments!

And a surprise guest!

The Jimi Hendrix Experience!  I've got a great package of Jimi Hendrix guitar picks and will have a lot more pieces to come.  These are the first earrings, made with chain components from a vintage chain and iridescent blue plastic beads from a reclaimed prayer bracelet - a great colour match to the psychedelic image of Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding.  I've got a few more guitar picks from the package and lots more ideas!

I had also bought guitar picks with images from Pink Floyd and AC/DC - lots more rock n' roll jewelry to come!  Whaddaya think so far?


Vicky Wesney said...

Are these items for sale?? They are awesome!

Justin Levitt said...

Wow!! These are incredible!! Do you make a guitar pick necklace version? Such amazing work!

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