Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mood Boards Postcards

While strolling through some old photos and files, I came across these "mood board postcards" I made from a Word template a couple of years ago. I had thought of printing these to use as promotional flyers, inserts for Etsy sales and general correspondence to my customers. 

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TOP: "War & Peace" (from top left) guitar pick ring; "Imagine no. 1"; "The Tree Veteran"; "Herald Square Angel"; "Cenotaph no. 2"; Alexander necklace, no. 4; Alexander necklace no. 6; "Crystal Study: Amethyst".   All photographs and jewelry by Cassandra Watsham.
BOTTOM: "Rock n' Rolla #1" (from top left) "Gibson Prototype machine head"; The LOST Collection: Charlie Pace necklace; "Paint it, Black"; Satriani Jam earrings; "Les Paul Prototype"; Flying V necklace; "Bass Player"; Bass String Wrap bracelet.  All photographs and jewelry by Cassandra Watsham.

I've always enjoyed creating mood boards; I have many various crafting, fashion and design magazines with tattered pages, along with photographs I've taken, beads I had acquired, random pieces of art and various "paper bric-a-brac" collecting in folders and boxes, just wanting to burst into a collage of colour and inspiration.  I have a large corkboard that is currently in use, holding a current project of random paper crane garlands I've been making (photos soon of these beauties!).  I'm hoping to find boxes for each garland I make ready for Etsy sales!  Once it's freed up of its current use, I'll be covering it with loads of beautiful randomness. 
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TOP: "Lotus #1" (from top left) "Imagine no. 2"; Purple Heart necklace; "Peacock Beads"; "Warrior"; "Tabla player"; "Golden Lotus"; "Crystal Study: Quartz".  All photographs and jewelry by Cassandra Watsham.
BOTTOM: "Ooh La La #1" (from top left) Three Little Birds ornament; Flute Key necklace; Armand bracelet, no. 1; gift box; "Castle in the Park"; "Bouquets"; gift box.  All photographs and jewelry by Cassandra Watsham.

I'm also wondering if anyone could recommend a free template that I could use online or download to make mood boards on my computer?  I should note that I currently do not have a Flickr account, but I'm pretty sure my Photobucket account is still active, if one of these photo hosting sites have such an application.  Hm.  If they don't - that would be an idea to give them.

What do you think of the postcard idea?  I think these would be great for showcasing upcoming collections, photography collections, even customer appreciation photos!  I shall try to put aside some time to make a few more of these of some new pieces I'll be posting on Etsy!

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