Monday, January 10, 2011

Etsy Monday! Resolution Edition, Issue #14: Get Organized!

Here we continue stoutly with our resolutions!  Here, we shall continue to support each other and ourselves in these endeavours, and with sound will and strong heart, we better ourselves for a new year of challenges, adventures and victories!

First thing's first - let's clean up!

I am in a constant state of reorganization, as most of you must be, as well.  My stepmum has turned me on to 'alternative repurposed storage'.  In our house growing up, she was using vintage suitcases turned sideways as sidetables to armchairs, doubling as storage for Christmas paraphernalia.  A wire dress form, nicknamed 'Gertrude' and dressed for the changing seasons, served as a reading lamp beside the couch.  A vintage bureau was also rescued from a recycle centre, completely refinished and turned into a hutch for her gardening tools.  The list goes on and on with what repurposed treasures were around the house, and you'll certainly see that inspiration around my apartment.  (You'll see some pictures soon of some of my own 'alternate repurposed storage!')  Not only does everything have its place, but there's a quirkiness to the place it's in.

I like to work in an eclectic, but 'reachable' space.  I have mementos from friends, photographs and art, and a few collections of random things; Happy Meal toys, Buddha statues, souvenier pens and pencils, buttons and pins (I blame my father - he had a rather large collection growing up), action figures, postcards, coins ... and I'm probably forgetting something.  I have a goal in mind, which consists of a large armoire with a few wall shelves, but I'm still looking.  Here are a few Etsy shops that can help you stay organized and display your possessions like works of art.
Jessica started bluebirdheaven after finding a few antique printer drawers and falling in love with their "rustic look and spatial composition."  With her passion to release her ideas into the world, to "create, reuse, renovate, and reconstruct" - and to deal with that tangled mess of jewelry - she has created these wall-hanging organizers that serve as a frames for your jewelry pieces.  Best of all - it's an easy way to coordinate your jewelry with your outfit!  Jessica is a sustainable architectural designer by profession, which has helped in her training to integrate nature, beauty and function in all her creations.  These printer drawer displays are a near-perfect example of that integration.  I love these displays, and this is right up my alley when it comes to 'repurposed materials!'  I would love one of these for my own workspace!

Dark Stain Printer Drawer Jewelry Holder

Standing Jewelry Display

Printer Drawer Jewelry Display, medium size

Painted Printer Drawer Jewelry Display

Vertical Hanging Printer Drawer Jewelry Display
Kay and Lori's shop name is an interesting one.  'Bede' is Middle English for 'prayer', "because we say a prayer as we craft each item.  "Sisters" because we are married to brothers."  With their lives going in different directions, they were reunited after 30 years, finding that they both loved the creative arts.  Lori is an accomplished ballerina, and Kay is a pianist, and they had worked together in performance art schools and with children teaching about rhythm and dance.  Their Etsy shop is full of fabric crafts, and these patterned storage baskets are fantastically versatile to either hold kids toys, knitting supplies, magazines or winter wear storage.  You'll also find purses, scarves and jewelry in their shop - multi-talented, indeed!

Fabric Storage Basket, Green and Brown

Fabric Storage Basket feat. Joel Dewberry patterns

Fabric Storage Basket, Passion Lily

Large Purse, Gold Fabric

"April Showers Bring Mod Flowers" Reusable Tote

And there's nothing truly like the sustainable art of vintage and antique finds!  They bring a charm and nostalgia with some good organizational karma!  In place of a third Etsy seller, here are some vintage finds for storage around the home!

Vintage Gold Tone Metal Apple Storage Box,

Oversized Vintage Porcelain Glove Mold,

Vintage 'Reborn' Medicine Cabinet,

Small Vintage Luggage Case,

French L'Amour Shelf,

Here's to starting 2011 with a clean slate - literally!


Kay said...

Beautiful ideas for organizing! Love Gertrude--I also have a vintage dress form that I dress for the seasons.

Thanks for including Bede Sisters!


Joana said...

Hi Cassandra,

I'm exploring your blog for the first time...

Thanks for featuring the Medicine Cabinet in your selection!
Keep it on.
Best, joana

Rhan Vintage said...

I'm all about organizing. I love the old printer drawers for jewelry - I'm going to do that! Thank you so much for featuring my gold apple. Your blog is beautiful!


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