Monday, January 17, 2011

Etsy Monday! Resolution Edition, Issue #15: Stay In Touch

Welcome to yet another Etsy Monday! Issue for our New Years Resolutions!

Sometimes I find myself so busy with projects that I forget I have friends!  Ideas can pile and pile up and I find myself so immersed in work that a good few months could go by without a phone call.  It's something that I'd like to improve on this year; spending more time with friends and family that seem to go by the wayside of the fruits of my labour.  I have extended family in Western Canada (Alberta and British Columbia) who like to send handwritten letters and small gifts; receiving these packages always brighten my day.  There's no feeling in the world that's better than receiving handwritten correspondence; an artform slowly dwindling away.

For this issue, I'd like to feature a few sellers that can help you stay in touch with the people you love!
This lovely shop originating from Quebec, Canada is on a mission to keep "snail mail" alive!  Julie enjoys writing letters (as quite prominently stated in her Etsy profile) and provides the world with beautiful stationary in her Etsy shop, La Papierre, to make it a better place "one letter at a time."  And a little surprise for yourself when you open your La Papierre purchase - a matching bookmark and postcard!  Visit Julie's shop for more surprises!

The Ballerina Letter Set

Bird Lady Letter Set

Butterfly Fairy Letter Set

Monsieur Hibou Letter Set

True Friends Letter Set
Elena of Nature's Cubbyhole is a one-woman "green" paper-making machine!  Most materials used in her greeting cards, mini-calendars, day planners and journals are recycled and repurposed from a menagerie of paper sources - read her Etsy profile for the long list of inspirations!  Elena also works with local businesses "kind enough to save their manufacturing remnants destined for the landfill," and is currently working with a textile business to provide recycled and "green" fabric products.  Keeping to "green" standards, Elena tries to recycle even the scraps from her own projects into future creations.  Top pick: the Constellation Eco Card Set, with strategically placed holes on the cards' cover to shine an "astronomically accurate representation of one of the ten most prominent constellations found in the Northern and Southern hemispheres." 

Constellation Eco Cards, Set of 10

Micro Calendar/Memo Pad, Variety Pack of 6

Weekly Eco Planner with Address Book, Olive and Leaves

Micro Eco Journals, Set of 5

"Fuzzy Logic" Mini Eco-Booklets with Graph Paper, Set of 2
"Crankbunny is an animation director by day and paper puppet magic rabbit fish at night."  The first line of the shop's Etsy profile should speak volumes of the imagination running amock the shop.  When there's a certain someone's special occasion coming up, may I highly recommend that they are pleasantly surprised with a pop-up greeting card in their mailbox on that big day?  Each are handcrafted "by one set of hands" and are customized upon request!  You can also learn the secrets of Crankbunny's art in the new book - "Paper Puppet Palooza", available on Amazon!  Snag a limited edition signed copy in the shop!

Paper Puppet Palooza, signed by author

Pushing Up Daisies, French Bulldog Pop-Up Greeting Card

Special Delivery, Stork and Baby Pop-Up Greeting Card

Red Flower Pop-Up Greeting Card

The Golden Ticket Scratch-Off Card

Keep your family and friends in mind, and don't forget to stay in touch!


wevegotpaper said...

Writing letters and keeping in touch with people via snail mail is wonderful!

Thank you for featuring my shop and my letter sets on your blog!

Julie xox

Elena said...

Letter writing is certainly a dying art, but I'm glad to help provide a means to keep it going for individuals such as yourself! You've featured some truly beautiful shops here, I'm honored to be in such lovely company!

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